Rainy Days And Sundays Are For WordPress

OK. I did the rainy Saturday blog, yesterday. So why am I doing the rainy Sunday thing, today? Easy peasy! It is Sunday and it is raining in Georgia.

As I was running Fox News in the background, today, my attention was claimed by a guy whom I recognized. Shannon Bream was interviewing John Saddington about an iPhone (IOS) app his company is publishing.

John is a member of the WordPress users group here in the Atlanta area. He was a co-organizer of the last Atlanta Word Camp (regional WordPress Conference), and an entrepreneur in his own right. He started as a blogger, and then discovered WordPress. After getting into WordPress, he discovered just how cool the WordPress platform really is. However, John is making WordPress better where all I do is use it and preach about it.

Understand that I am talking about the free software platform (from WordPress.org), not the service (WordPress.com) which is also great although not as flexible as the “.org” package.

WordPress powers about 17% of all the web sites in the world because it is easy to set-up, simple to use, extendable, and scalable to make large web sites. For example, I use WordPress.com for this blog because I get free hosting, but sacrifice the flexibility of add-on modules called plug-ins. Georgia State University uses the downloadable WordPress package to publish all 37,000 web pages a modern university requires.

The reason John was being interviewed is because of the iPhone app. It enables iPhone users to publish photos from their iPhones to WordPress blogs. This may not sound like much, but users will still own the pictures instead of giving up personal ownership to a Facebook or other web service.

This is the ultimate cool for the blogger, and for WordPress blogs.

Thanks to John Saddington and Fox News Sunday for making a rainy Sunday a bit brighter.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Days And Sundays Are For WordPress”

  1. Hi, Leticia. I didn’t mean to start a religioius war over WordPress vs Blogger. Both are free services, and I enjoy reading blogs on both, yours included, of course. My fan-boy relationship with WordPress is because I have done web sites for others with the WordPress software, and have grown to really like the “under the hood” features that most people don’t encounter. As a web site developer, WordPress makes lots of sense because I can use their software and host the site myself.

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