Rainy Saturdays Mean An Idle Mind

It’s a rainy Saturday in Atlanta. Now, nothing is wrong with this as I can’t go outside to do yard work. Nor is it an attractive option to get in the car to do some shopping.

So, I did the best thing one can do on a Saturday morning. I cooked breakfast. Now, this was not oatmeal, nor was it some sort of toast and jelly breakfast. I fried up some bacon and eggs, and toasted a bunch of English muffins to go with it.

Bacon is important. When I buy bacon, I always try to get the thick-sliced variety. Plus, I don’t want any sugar cured bacon. Bacon should be smoked, as in hickory cured, or apple wood cured. When in the frying pan it needs to look like ham slices.

Eggs are the one thing where you can ruin a good breakfast. If you buy the regular store brands you will be disappointed. Stores like Publix and Kroger have some great prices on their eggs, but believe me, they are substandard. I have learned to look for cage-free eggs by pretty much any brand. I don’t know what the magic is, but cage free eggs have yellower yellows, and taste one heck of a lot better. It is almost as if you got them from your grandmother’s farm. Cage-free is that good in comparison to the generic store brands.

Cage-free eggs cost at least 30% more, but they are worth it.

Shame on me for not preparing biscuits. It ain’t  grandmaw’s  breakfast without grandmaw’s biscuits. But, I am not grandma, and I can’t do biscuits from scratch. We did miss the biscuits, especially with gravy, but we will soldier on.

I am full, and happy. How’s your Saturday going?

4 thoughts on “Rainy Saturdays Mean An Idle Mind”

  1. LFFL: thanks for the comment.

    Leticia: I never got to watch the Waltons very much. I have been cooking weekend breakfasts for over 45 years. During the week, I will prepare whatever we have in the morning, but the weekend big breakfast is a tradition in our house. That one is Dad’s show.

  2. The first time I saw a European egg yolk, I thought something was wrong with it………it’s ORANGE, DARK orange and beautiful and delicious.. But they don’t much eat eggs for eggs-sake. They almost only eat hard boiled eggs.
    I’m a fried eggs, sausage and syrup girl myself……..I only eat that rarely but pancakes next to the sausage so you can run the piquant sausage thru the sweet sauce is SO GOOD!
    Great idea for a rainy day, for sure!

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