Apologies To Putin For Our Wussy President

Just a quick note:

The next President of The United States will have to apologize to Vladimir Putin for Obama being a brain-dead jerk.  We need to throw our weight around with those guys, but Obama introduced himself to the world in a grand ass-kissing tour.

Instead of slapping Putin up against the wall like George Bush would have done, Obama revealed himself to be a quintessential wussy.

After five years of Obama as President, the United States is respected less, taken less seriously, Al Qaeda has increased in size and effect, and Obama still can’t figure out what is going on.

The man is an embarrassment to the United States.

6 thoughts on “Apologies To Putin For Our Wussy President”

  1. You can say that again. Remember that deep look into Putin’s eyes only some months back?…sitting side by side, that “ya hear what I SAID?…..get my DRIFT?” look that Obama gave Putin and we were all disgusted with what that could have meant?
    He’s dealing with a former KGB head and JUST doesn’t get it, does he. Bush did..except that time he talked about how he said he’d looked deeply into Putin’s eyes……remember? …kind of implying they were friends? ! YUCK.
    Putin’s quite a man. Kind of KING OF THE WORLD right now if you ask me……Meanwhile, we’re groveling. THanks to Barack.

  2. COF and Z: We seem to have a history of mis-underestimating (!!! a Bushism) Putin. That’s because the guy is a practiced liar. When Bushed figured out what was going on, that was the end of it. But Obama has embarrassed us all by seeming to be pushed around by Putin. We could strangle Russia economically, militarily, or any other way without much effort. Obama does not know how to wield power.

  3. Obama is a national AND an international embarrassment.

    Putin knows the lay of the land about our Campaigner-In-Chief, who doesn’t have a clue as to how to govern according to the Constitution.

    And Putin is no dummy about Obama’s schmoozing attempts, either. I can’t blame Putin for having zero respect for President Zero!

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