Doom! Gloom! Boom!

We get lots of propaganda from union leaders and politicians that capitalism has failed. We hear from the main stream media that climate change is the biggest threat to humanity since Godzilla. The medical community almost daily comes up with a new way you can die if you eat the wrong stuff.

Doom! Gloom! Boom! In the last century with the election of Bill Clinton, the big scare was AIDS. According to the simpletons in the Clinton Administration, AIDS was the biggest threat to the human race since Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt in the aftermath of Sodom and Gomorrah. Spicy language not necessary.

It is true that large populations in Africa are at risk of contracting the AIDS virus, but that is a direct result of a cultural standard of infidelity in marriage. Thanks to President George W Bush, many in Africa are being educated as to what kills people, and are now receiving treatment for that social disease.

How do all these alarmist claims originate? Most alarming, gloom and doom claims are the product of the same set of people that brought forward the last round of alarming predictions. Most famous is Paul Ehrlich, author of the 1968 book, Population Bomb, where he forecast billions of people in famine by 1980 because of the increase on world population, and the shrinking of the earth’s resources.

None of his predictions even came close to being true, and he has tried the same crap again, and again. His notable fans include Dr John Holdren, co-author with Ehrlich, and personal science adviser to Barack Obama. You will note that crazy people hang together.

It is no wonder that the American people are viewing so-called climate change with a jaundiced eye. The reason is that none of the well publicized increases in long term global average temperatures, extreme weather, or other signature global warming events have ever come to pass. There is not only no evidence of extreme weather events due to global warming, but the evidence NOAA has refutes that claim, altogether.

You can’t fool all the people all the time. However, Paul R Erhlich and others of his ilk also believe that if you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it.

Not only are these predictions of doom, gloom, and boom false, they are the product of a political scam. Who will benefit, you might ask. The politicians, socialists, and people who want to ruin your life are the first ones in line to nationalize you retirements savings, your bank accounts, and your thoughts.

All this stuff is a scientific and political scam.

6 thoughts on “Doom! Gloom! Boom!”

  1. Hey Bob! I’ve been remiss in getting over here for some time. The move and getting reconnected turned into a trial and tribulation. On top of that, I’m having some vision problems and am in the process of trying to find an Ophtomologist in whom I can put my trust.

    “The politicians, socialists, and people who want to ruin your life are the first ones in line to nationalize you retirements savings, your bank accounts, and your thoughts.”

    The Wall Street Journal reported the other day that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), very influential internationally, proposes that the global community vow not to give preferential tax rates to businesses. As everybody knows, businesses are dedicated to (drum roll) the maximization of profits. As a result of this peculiar tendency, they migrate to places most propitious to the achievement of their goal, e.g. to tax havens. The OECD seems to consider the proffering of tax breaks to be poaching and the imposition of usurious tax rates by rapacious government a God-given right (except they don’t believe in God). Suggestions of a world-wide treaty have been floated.

    Now, that would lead to some gloom and doom.

  2. Our government controls us through fear … Hence, it no longer has credibility with “we the people.”

  3. Mustang. I have always shied away from conspiracy stuff, but with the dawn of the Obama age, I am realizing that it is real. It is as you say, it is no longer we the people. After all, you simply cannot miss a the chance to use a catastrophe to do what you, politically, want to do.

  4. Obama’s admin sure lives by that “if you tell a lie enough times..”, doesn’t it.
    There are NO scandals,…whites hate blacks………the economy’s humming……..etc etc. And people ARe believing them. wow.

  5. Z: We are not supposed to accuse people of being Nazi’s, or Hitler like. However, it certainly looks like the Obama Administration is following a Stalin or Hitler like strategy in implementing their outmoded Nazi ideas. Did I use the word, Nazi? Darn!

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