The New Era AZ = After Zimmerman

I would like to think that we have entered a new time, called, After Zimmerman. Now that the trial is over, and even our racist President has said that “we are a nation of laws”, maybe we can get back to life as usual. But, that may only happen when we get to that much-anticipated era called, AO -> After Obama.

Truly, we have never seen a worse time for this nation until we elected Barack Obama. But, I digress.

So, what is a little old retired man like me supposed to watch on TV for entertainment, now? Well, it is not football season, baseball season is pretty good with the Braves, but the real zest and angst has gone out of our HD LCD big screen TV. Right now, I am watching Swamp People.

Can you believe the crap they put on the History Channel? You would think that you could never run out of history, but they seem to put the stupidest things on that channel, like, Ancient Aliens (as if space men visited our planet during the time of the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs).

The interesting thing about Swamp People is that it is all about Cajun people. These are those hardy souls who inhabit the Louisiana swamps, and cook the best seafood in the entire world. I love Cajun cooking.  Yummy!

Anyway, the question of the day regarding Swamp People is about Troy Landry. Given that he wears the same shirt on every episode I have seen, does he have a change of shirts, or is the one we see his lucky shirt?

Inquiring minds want to know.

How are you spending your AZ (After Zimmerman) TV time?

5 thoughts on “The New Era AZ = After Zimmerman”

  1. I live in LA and have barely heard of them…I’ve got to check that out!! ??
    Bob…good post. Sadly, I think we’re still IN the Zimmerman time, not AZ…would that we were! But that wouldn’t suit the race baiters one bit.

  2. I despise WordPress…it keeps forgetting me and then I forget my passw’d, and this probably won’t print, either, so why am I bothering?
    Suffice it to say, one more time, that I think we’ll never be at an AZ time…would that we could!

  3. Sorry, Z. I have a gmail account, and stay signed-in, otherwise I would have the same problem with your blog over on blogger. As a matter of fact I hate blogger more than you hate WordPress. Now, you really don’t have to sign in to WordPress to comment. I am not signed into wordpress for this comment, and all I have to do is to leave my email and name, just like on your blog.


    PS: Oh! I understand, now. If you have signed in previously with your email address, it wants you to sign-in to complete your comment.

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