George Zimmerman’s Justice Is Six Women?

If my life depended on a jury of six women, I would be a little uncomfortable. It’s not that I don’t like women, after all, I did have a mother and three sisters whom I loved. Plus, my lovely wife would sympathize with me, as would my daughter and granddaughter. But, six strange women sitting in judgement of me for my actions is downright scary!

The strange thing about the Zimmerman jury is that it was a black kid that was killed. There’s not one black person on the jury that I know about. There is one Hispanic lady, but the others are white. It seems to me that the prosecution was playing a long shot on this one.

However, there are also no men on the jury. If I were the defendant I would be raising cane about this. How can anyone say, “George Zimmerman, you are being judged by a jury of your peers.” There should be men on that jury, and there should be black people on that jury.

Whatever happened to the standard of a jury being composed of twelve men, good and true? Indeed, our justice system has gotten all out of kilter, and we probably have lawyers to blame. If laws were made up of numbers, then lawyers could not bend them to their will.  These guys are lawyers because they were bad with numbers. If they were good at numbers, they would have become engineers like me.

So, here it is, after eight in the evening of Saturday, July 13, and we don’t have a verdict. Maybe I will awake Sunday morning to that news. I am sure the George Zimmerman is pinching button-holes in his underwear awaiting the life changing opinion of six women, good and true.

Update #1:  Earlier this evening, the Zimmerman jury asked the judge for a clarification of the manslaughter charge. Many observers seem to think that the 2nd degree murder charge is now off the table, having been rejected by the six woman jury. There is some concern on the part of the judge as to if the jury might be confused. but I don’t understand the reason for the judge’s concern. After all, this is the jury that was chosen in that court for the express purpose of getting to the truth. If the jury thinks that asking for a set of the Encyclopedia Britannica would help them, the judge should keep her mouth shut and deliver the requested documents. h/t Drudge Report

2 thoughts on “George Zimmerman’s Justice Is Six Women?”

  1. I’m not sure I’d want my life in the hands of six women either, but apparently they put on their Big Girl panties and did their jobs. Good for them.

  2. Great comment, Sallie! They certainly did their job. In a conversation with my wife, she told me that most of the women were her age. I knew, then, that nobody could get anything past them.

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