George Zimmerman Not Guilty

This verdict has just been delivered to the court from the George Zimmerman jury, according to Yahoo news.

During the Q & A after the verdict’s announcement, the State Attorney and the prosecutor are still trying the case with the reporters on TV. They are still up to speculation and outright disingenuous observations. The upshot of this interview just might be violence. I certainly hope not.

The prosecution failed to convince the jury because the prosecutor is not an honest person, and six women can see through this buffoon.




2 thoughts on “George Zimmerman Not Guilty”

  1. I hope Zimmerman can get lots of money out of NBC. I well remember Richard Jewel being falsely portrayed by the media in the Olympic bombing here in Atlanta. He, too, was just a cop wannabe, and was trying to do a good job. He actually may have saved some lives, and should be a hero. Only the real bomber, Eric Robert Rudolph, was finally caught years later eating out of a dumpster in North Carolina by a cop on a regular patrol.

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