Why Do We Blog?

I think there are several reasons why people write articles for their web-log, or blog. First of all, if you have something to say, it is a good place to say it. Plus, you have the added reason that somebody else may read your essays, and be convinced that your opinion, or presentation, is good. On the other hand, with other people reading your essays, there is the overwhelming chance that others will disagree with you.

Another reason people write blogs is because they are narcissistic. They just want to say something, or they want to become known in certain circles as an expert, or knowledgeable person. That works sometimes, and many people will cruise the so-called blogosphere just to make inane comments on others’ blogs. They are called, trolls.

Some people write essays on their blogs because it is their profession. Lots of journalists have their own blogs, or maintain a personal blog on their employer’s website to voice their personal 0pinions. Many times, their blogs are quoted as actual news outlets.

Blogging got it’s reputation from those who operate their blogs as alternative news sources. Many main-stream media stories have been struck-down, or negated by the attention of bloggers who are always on the lookout for bad journalism. Indeed, it has gotten to the point that it is preferable to read blogs instead of main-stream newspapers, or to watch network television news shows. It is sometimes amazing how the public is taken for granted, or as stupid, by the main-stream news media. One of the biggest examples is the Dan Rather/ CBS News hoax with the forged George Bush National Guard papers. The documents were clearly manufactured for Rather’s agenda-directed news casts. Rather later tried to say that even though the documents were false, they were correct. What human being in their right mind would accept this patently false assertion?

Some of us write because we like to write. I am not a professional writer, but I do have an agenda which pretty much anyone can see if they read my articles. I think lots of us are the same way. We are also under the impression that our opinions can make a difference, and occasionally we are disappointed that world events don’t seem to be affected by our constant advice.

It is easy to be a blogger, but it is hard to find something significant to say. Many bloggers just comment on current items in the news. Others comment on things within their field of expertise, and still others talk about personal things, sometimes to their detriment

One thing I know is that now is the time to start a blog if you have anything to say, at all. Somebody, somewhere will read what you have to say whether they agree or not. With enough bloggers out there espousing the same message, anything can happen.

Happy blogging, everybody.

6 thoughts on “Why Do We Blog?”

  1. I have numerous reasons for blogging, but none are more important to me than the chance for to express myself in English. The hardest part of being an Ex-Pat is not having opportunities to speak in one’s native tongue. Blogging is a close second.

  2. The reason I blog is to share my thoughts, politics and to meet other fellow conservatives and yes even liberals to get opinions and new insights. It’s also fun making new friends all over the states and worldwide.

  3. As a caregiver and nearly as shut in as my husband, I have found blogging a way to expand my circles of acquaintances. And I’ve made a few cyber friends that I later met in person — in this case someone who helped me enormously when I was about to go down for the last time — both physically and emotionally.

    One thing I know is that now is the time to start a blog if you have anything to say, at all.

    Yes — and before the speech police and the thought police rein us is. See THIS, for example.

  4. Thanks, guys for your comments. I didn’t write the blog as a fluffy piece, but I was seriously thinking about what we do, the reasons for blogging, and what results we can expect. Your blogs are among my favorites, and provide daily enjoyment and reflection.

    COF: Hang in there. You do a great job, and I really like your occasional focus on economics where I think I might have a bit of knowledge.

    Leticia: Great job, and I enjoy many things about your blog, including your occasional focus on the spiritual.

    AOW: The Durbin statement about bloggers is one of those things that gets the stomach acid going with me. The easy answer to Durbin is that if bloggers don’t deserve Constitutional protection, then individuals do not deserve it, nor do any other media outlet deserve First Amendment protection. Just the act of publishing through a world-wide medium (internet) makes us publishers and journalists, and we should never forget that fact. We started out, and continue to be, counter-journalists, i.e., trying to keep the journalistic information product of the world balanced. We bloggers have a critical position in the information age.

  5. Bob,
    I’m not frightened off from blogging. We bloggers are indeed counter-journalists.

    We are also much like the pamphleteers of the days of the oppression of King George III.

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