Traveling But Not Blogging

I have not been blogging, but have been tending to personal duties. Plus, we have traveled a bit, also. This past week we drove from Atlanta to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to visit relatives. Up until three years ago, I had not seen those people since our Uncle’s funeral several decades ago.

It was good to have seen them, and catch up on our families. Time has been good to all of us, well, with the exception of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We heard all the stories, and toured the coast where people are rebuilding, depending on the restrictive, new building codes.

My cousins are brave people, and since they have grown up on the coast, will not let a few hurricanes drive them away. After seven years, they have all rebuilt and refurbished.

Life is good.

2 thoughts on “Traveling But Not Blogging”

  1. Unfortunately, I had to go home this past December, due to my precious dad, we almost lost him, but thank God, he is still with us.

    It felt great seeing people I had not seen since, well the 70’s.

    Get some rest!

  2. I have written an article about our Mississippi visit, but will wait until I can have a couple of cousins do some proof reading, and editing if they want. We are back, now, and rested. I haven’t gotten back in the saddle with blogging, but am doing other things with my time. I still read you and Z, along with several other blogs. Ya’ll do a good job, and I enjoy what you do.

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