Happy New Year, Bloggers!

I can’t think of any past time more rewarding than writing about things I care about, and commenting to others of like mind on things of common interest. This is the way we create communities on the internet, and the way we meet and make friends in this new cyber universe.

The last year was not a lot of fun, politically, but we all learned a lot. We also made some new friends on line. These are the kind of people you would invite to your New Year’s party, or to dinner on any evening of the year. You can spot many of these friends in my blog roll in the right hand column of this blog. These are the people I read every day.

So, to all you bloggers and readers of blogs out there, I have a little advice.

1, Even though you might have had a rough time, there is almost always another chance.

2. There is never a reason to give up, even after all the votes have been counted. Never, ever give up.

3. Remember that God has made us, and we all have a purpose in this life.

4. Be thankful for what you have, and never hesitate to work and pray for victory.

We have all been blessed, some more than others. Some have special problems to handle, and others are tasked to help. I thank God for our blessings for they are many.

May all be blessed in the New Year, and I pray that we call can be winners in our individual situations.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Bloggers!”

  1. THAT list is so true and I’m SO glad I came by tonight and read it. Thanks, Bob. I love your posts and think you’re a very wise man. I am trying to get out a little but am working full time now and i am BUSHED when I come home at night!
    What an excellent post………….good job.
    I wish you such a VERY happy year, too.xxx Z

  2. Leticia, Z: Thanks for your comments. I weathered a three week virus/flu type thing, two rounds of anti-biotics, along with Christmas and New Years holidays. It has been one of those rough times when I didn’t feel moved to write anything on the blog. Thanks for both of your blogs. At least I can drop a few words in comment rather than having to think to do an actual blog, myself. I weary of all the political stuff as you do, but there seems to be little else to cover. Thanks for the friendship, and both of you keep on doing what you do.

    Never give up.

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