How About Helping The Mentally Ill?

I cannot account for the propensity of some people to kill their brothers and sisters. We can all understand hurting and killing done in times of passion, but cold-blooded killing has no explanation. For thousands of years men have murdered their peers, and their wives for different reasons. Also, for thousands of years men will occasionally murder other people without apparent reason. When people are murdered in quantity, we call it a massacre.

In the case of the Newtown massacre we will never find a reason, just a maladjusted young man who for years the system has known as a problem. It seems this is a recurring theme, and we never connect the dots.

The truth is that we know who these people are in our society, we just don’t choose to do anything about it. Their parents know they have a problem, yet, there is no help offered those parents even when a young person who shows all the signs of being a danger to himself or to others.

They have been in and out of special programs all their lives. They have gotten the attention of school teachers, counselors, and psychologists all their lives. Yet, we see it as an invasion of the child’s rights and the family’s privacy to do something about the problem.

Most of all, we are too cheap to do anything about the problem.

It is time to do something for our mentally ill. We owe it to ourselves, and the murdered kids at Newtown.

5 thoughts on “How About Helping The Mentally Ill?”

  1. In most dases the parents have sought help. Too often, in my opinion, the mental health profession prescribe a medicine and do not do enough folllow up work. Years ago we institutionalized these people. Our society decided that was inhumane. It probably was. Instead of improving the treatment of these people we turned them loose in society. Manay eneded up on the dtreets and others tured to drugs. The majority cause society no serious problems. But, a few turn psychopathic. I think the mental heaalth profession doesn’t know as much as they would like us to think. It is past time for them to do an honest assessment of what they are doing that is helpful and what they are doing which is not helpful.

  2. I agree someone should have stepped in and the murderer’s mother should have taken precautions to buy a steal safe and she would be the only one with access.

    Her horrible mistake was trying to reach out to her child by equipping with shooting skills that caused not only her death but many innocent others.

    There are laws preventing the mentally ill and challenged to handle any sort of firearm or weapon. I wish she would have known or placed her guns where he would never had gotten access to them.

  3. On January 7, I will have a post entitled “Politics and Mental Illness.” Please stop by to read that post, Jim. You’ll be interested in that post, I think.


    Merry Christmas, Bob! May this Season shower you with blessings.

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