Will History Repeat Itself?

Something ominous is going on. Just think about it. First of all, the worst President in American History was elected to a second term. Now, we have the news that Notre Dame University is undefeated, and may well become the next national football champion. The last time Notre Dame won a national championship during a Democrat administration, the event presaged some of the worst days in American History. You see, Jimmy Carter ruled the White House, and Notre Dame ruled the gridiron.

‘Nuff said.

With the confluence of these two ominous events repeating, it spells bad luck for the nation. When Notre Dame won the championship during President George H W Bush’s administration, the Republicans kept the nation on an even keel in spite of the Notre Dame influence.

It is like the Biblical Children of Israel being exiled to foreign countries. No, it is worse. The last time the Democrats and Notre Dame won at the same time, things got really bad.

The entire country went into the Jimmy Carter malaise (a vague or unfocused feeling of mental uneasiness, lethargy, or discomfort). Democrats are all about malaise.

With great malaise, we prepare ourselves to jump off the fiscal cliff, while watching Medicare and Medicaid go bankrupt, and an undeserving football team that plays an elementary school schedule to be declared National Champion.

You must pray that either University of Georgia or University of Alabama will be able to do their part and right the wrong perpetrated on the nation by that Catholic school in Indiana whose name is bitter to speak.

Fighting Irish. Horse-feathers!

6 thoughts on “Will History Repeat Itself?”

  1. Not sure about the football part, since I never pay attention to college or pro-football, but regarding the Obama winning again, yeah, that is ominous, and disturbing.

  2. It’s hard to do a tongue in cheek blog, nowadays, what with the Great Satan in office. Be careful what you say, they are listening.

  3. LOL! A life time ago I had an Aumt and Uncle who lived in South Bend, Indians, home of Notre Dame. When I was about 12, my Uncle tool my cousin and I to see a ND football game. Pau Horning was their quarterback and would later be a star for the Green Bay Packarkers. So, I have since had a soft spot for the Fighting Irish. But, if your real question is: Is our country cursed? I think it is.

    Good luck with your favorite teams.

  4. Holy Cow! Paul Horning? Jeepers, COF, that goes back a while. Yeah, there is such a loyal following of Notre Dame that that’s all the sports channel guys can talk about. When I lived in Texas, the favorite football teams on a given weekend were the University of Texas and whoever was playing Notre Dame. Back then, both of those teams used to compete for the National Championship, regularly.

    Now that I live in Georgia, things have changed. The University of Georgia Bulldogs next weekend will play University of Alabama. The winner of that game will play Notre Dame for the real championship. None of the aforementioned teams could measure up to some of those in the past, but it is a good year for football. Of course, Venezulan sports casters are probably not interested in the American form of football. Have a great holiday season.

  5. Bob, I know “Big Brother” is watching and listening and to all that we say, but as right now we still have our freedom of speech rights and there isn’t a darn thing he can do about it, yet.

    I will not allow him or his vile administration to silence me. I know there will be a time we will be under some kind of Hitler regime, but right now I will enjoy my freedom.

  6. Leticia, I wasn’t trying to scare you. I don’t think you can be scared much, anyway. It does stand to reason that some government bureau has already taken not of our ant-administration blogging, and we are all on somebody’s list as possible suspects if there is ever an insurrection. As a matter of fact, you can probably bet that we are on this list. There doesn’t even have to be people involved. They can do it all with computer searches and automatic cataloging of all the supposed anti-government things we say in our blogs.

    Of course, the real threat to our country is Barack Obama. But, he is the one holding all the cards and guns.

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