Time To Pay The Parasites

The unthinkable has happened. We are now, officially, a nation of parasites, takers, sponges, and welfare cheats.

The task now is to pay the parasites that have won the election. It is not pleasant, nor is it cheap. The greediest people in the country now run it. Forget freedoms and forget expecting the United States of America to be a strong country. The cowards and slackers are in control.

Starting in January, 2013, income taxes for most people will go up. The Bush tax cuts that saved the economy will be taken away. The economic damage to the economy will be incalculable.

Get ready for the nation to go off the financial cliff. Don’t expect a budget out of the White House, either. There is no plan to reduce the spending or the national debt. Correcting the financial shape of the nation is not in Barack Obama’s plans. He plans on more of the same tax and spend agenda.

Why does he do this? He is a big thinker pushing a small-minded agenda. The guy is a Marxist. Period. Socialism is the cornerstone of his vision for our nation. We may never dig our way out of this hole.

The stock market crashed, today, down a full two percent. Investors do not respect Obama’s ideas or policies. The stock market’s outlook for the nation’s economy is heralding a disaster.

Higher gasoline prices.

Higher food prices.

Higher taxes.

Higher health care prices.

Fewer jobs for qualified people.

Fewer companies being formed.

Buy stock in health insurance companies, food companies, and oil companies. All the rising prices mean higher profits for the sectors Obama was supposed to heal.

By all means, go on a diet. Get used to eating less. You won’t be able to afford much food, anymore.

Welcome to Obama’s World.


10 thoughts on “Time To Pay The Parasites”

  1. I have to say I was shocked by the results of the elections. I was sure Americs would throw Obama out on his ear. I was wrong. I now must admit this not the America I grew up in and it may never be again. I think that those who voted to give Obama four more years realize their mistake before the next term is over. Obama will not be able to blame Bush any more. I’m not sure we will be able to recoverrr from the damage Obama will inflict on this once great nation. But, our grandchildren need a decent place to rais their families. So, we will continue to fight to make this country a better place than it is going to be in four years.

  2. Yes. The results are shocking. It is shocking that our youth are almost totally ignorant of economics and history. It is shocking that so many young women think that think reproductive freedom is the legal ability to kill their unborn babies. It is shocking that so many of our citizens are jealous of successful people to the point that, Nazi like, they blame a group of people for their woes when they should look in the mirror for their culprit. The only non-surprise is the vote of black people, stupid people, and Hispanic people. The Hispanic problem is so obvious that anybody should have anticipated, and had enough time to promise easy immigration for Mexicans. In retrospect it was not shocking, at all.

  3. I feel for you Bob, many didn’t want this and don’t deserve it, but unfortunately enough do.

    Hard times ahead, a lot of painful lessons have to be learned and even then I doubt very much that you can come back from this to your former strength.

  4. I honestly don’t know how we are going to manage, we are struggling as is now. God help us and give us strength and financial miracles for His children.

  5. There’s an old saying, “Things will get worse before they get better”. Anther, deeper, recession is not out of the question. I think that left to itself the economy can come out of this. But, the government will not leave it to do its job.

  6. Bob, things are going to get worse if you believe in the book of Revelation and what the Lord has said. It’s not going to get better.

  7. Leticia, It is not that I don’t believe the Book of Revelation, I just don’t know what to believe about the Book of Revelation.

    When my preacher brother comes to visit over Thanksgiving, I will certainly talk to him about such things. Having been raised in a Southern Baptist household, I have heard over, and over, and over again that we are in the last days.

    However, nobody’s predictions have ever come to be true. Rather, I think the Biblical approach is to not worry about when the end of the world is coming, but the really big deal is to worry about your own soul so that you are ready. I know there are dozens of preachers and churches that go off the deep-end about the Book of Revelations and prophesies, but bear in mind that nobody knows the day or hour. Period. As always, thanks for your comments.

  8. Thanks, Jim. I appreciate you kind words. I have been busy doing other things, and have had no appetite to write about the obvious shortcomings of our President. We now have an exceptionally racist society brought about by one black man. He is all about dividing and conquering. It all leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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