Early Voting

Ordinarily, I am opposed to early voting for any election. The best and fairest way to conduct an election is to have everybody vote in all locations at the same time. In this case you have a chance of less voter fraud, and mythical voter suppression.

There have been no cases of voter intimidation that have ever gone to court, or have ever been shown to be accurate. Fraudulent voting, on the other hand, is epidemic and many races in the nation have historically been won or lost because dead people have a habit of showing up in the voting results in certain places.

I have changed my mind about early voting. Now, I see it as a necessary evil.

The problem with an all-in-one election day is that in most large cities, the polls are not adequately staffed, nor are there enough of them to accommodate everybody in one day. In the last presidential election, I voted early, and even then had to stand in line for over two hours to get to the booth. Most of that waiting was outside.

So, what’s wrong with waiting outside? In the year 2008 election we had beautiful weather in Atlanta. This year, there is a forty percent chance of showers. The high temperature will be around forty-nine degrees. In Atlanta anything less than sixty degrees is cold.

Election Day in Atlanta will not be a warm day, and waiting in the long lines will be problematic for many people, including me. You see, I don’t like cold weather, and I don’t like waiting in lines. Oh, woe is me!

The problem with early voting in Fulton County, Georgia is that it was not available in my town. The closest early voting poll was about ten miles from home. The Fulton County offices in downtown Atlanta were available, but who wants to fight traffic for twenty-five miles, and then not find a place to park, plus wait in line in the city streets for half-a-day?

Early voting makes sense, but if we are going to do it adequate polling places need to be made available, especially in the suburbs. That way we rich people (tongue-in-cheek) will be able to elect more rich lawyers to office.

This early voting stuff is not what it is said to be.

10 thoughts on “Early Voting”

  1. You raise an important issue, Bob. Not so much early voting, although i agree with your points. But, isn’t it amazing that the most advanced country in the world has suxh an abismal voting process. Jimmy Carter claims that Venezuela has the best voting system in the world. He is wrong. It is corrupted. But, the Venezuelan system could be the best in the world. Here everyone must be registerd with the election comission. Each voter must have a government provided photo ID with thumb print. All voting is done electroically. When a voter arrives at their designated polling station, they must present their photo ID and place their thumb on a finger print scanner. The computer compares the digitally read thumb print with that on rwecord for the person holding that photo ID. Anapprives voter then makes their eleontronic vote(s) and receives a paper print out of their vote which they then deposit in a designated locked ballot box. Before the voter is allowed to leave the voting station, they must place their ponky finger in a bottle of permanent ink.

    I won’t go into how the Government has rigged the elections here, but my point is this Venezuelan system could be made next to full proof. This third world country is way ahead of the US when it comes to protecting the sanctity of our votes.

  2. WOW! That’s some system you have there. I have always resented the idea that Americans must carry “papers” with them at all times for ID. If you remember all those cold war movies, it was always the Nazi;s and the Russians demanding ID from the poor citizens for pretty much anything at all. Most Americans feel this way.

    However, it is becoming very clear that this is not my Daddy’s United States, and you need more than a person’s word as to who they are. Our credit and banking systems could not survive without accurate customer identification, and financial histories. Similarly, we need to know that stuff just to get a job, otherwise, employers, and the government, could be hiring some really bad and stupid people. Oh, wait! They are doing that, now.

    There is no real reason for our electoral system to be in such shambles. Our immigration situation is screwed up for pretty much the same reasons. We simply don’t know who is who. It is time for a change of attitude in how we perceive ourselves, and how we make ourselves known.

    Good grief! I never thought I would ever come down on the side of more documentation. Uggghhh!!!

  3. In Arkansas, we have to have our Id’s ready and then they make sure what district we are voting from and then we are able to vote.

    I voted the very next of when early voting began. I already knew whom I was supporting and didn’t feel the need to wait.

  4. I don’t know what’s going on, but there were less polling places available for early voting during this election that 2008. Maybe it’s because everybody knows that Mitt Romney will win Georgia in a walk. In Georgia we have never been in doubt about our Presidential candidates. Once Newt and Hermann Cain were out of the race, it was Romney.

  5. I don’t have a problem with early voting, but it does look like they would have more polling places for that to take place. I suppose I do understand why they don’t have all of them open, since that would entail transporting the equipment and ballots back and forth. I can’t vote early, simply because the Court House for Sequoyah County is about 25-30 miles from where I work. Couldn’t make it in time, so I’ll just join the rest of the masses in Oklahoma and vote tomorrow.

    From that standpoint, I am more concerned about some of the local races than I am about how the presidential election will turn out for our area. Obama will fare no better in Oklahoma than he did in 2008, when he failed to win a single county. He’ll not do much better in Arkansas.

  6. Local races are important, too. We tend to forget about those in Georgia. Plus, somebody is always coming up with some initiative that has to be, generally, voted down. They generally involve raising taxes, and I always vote against those. I have been taken as a fool too many times in the past to have any patience for any of these schemes. Happy election waiting for you , too. I will be out there, in line waiting to cast my vote whether it makes a difference or not.

  7. I live in a small “city” so there is only one place for everyone to early vote, however, today, anyone who didn’t early vote must go to their own districts to vote.

  8. There’s a city in Arkansas? Sorry, I couldn’t help it. My sister lives in Hot Springs, Village, and loves it there. All I know is that it gets hot in the summer, and cold in the winter. She lived in Oklahoma before retirement, so Arkansas has to look good. I suppose that HSV has it’s own polling places. By the way, Hot Springs, AR is where Bill Clinton grew up, and his house was near the horse racing track. Now we know where he made his early mob connections 🙂

  9. I have always resisted early voting. However, the older I get, the more I think that I’ll vote early next time around. Getting Mr. AOW to crowded polling places is a Herculean task.

  10. When I voted this morning, the line was pretty long at my precinct. My wife and I waited for over an hour, but by the time we left, the line was a good bit shorter. It turns out that our Congressional Representative, Dr Tom Price, was in line behind us by about twenty people. I was able to chat with him a little. In Atlanta it was cold and rainy in the morning, and just cold in the afternoon and early evening. Georgia, of course, has been called for Romney. We did our part.

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