How Do Those Polls Work?

There are national polls, state polls, local polls, media run polls, internal campaign polls, and even a few objective polls. Objective polls are few and far between. They all read differently.

The reason for this is that there are different reasons for the polls to be run. If you are an election strategist, you will want the poll results to show your candidate in a positive light. Many of the internal polls run will remain unknown outside the campaign, unless there is an advantage to publicizing the results.

There are liberal media outlets running election polls by the dozen, almost, to have something to publish. They will not publish articles or polls that present a negative picture of their anointed candidate.

The terrible truth, I believe, is that many of the polls are manipulated to show a preconceived result. Liberal media like the television networks are famous for over-sampling Democrats in the polling population. It is the makeup of the sample that determines the poll results.

In this election cycle, liberal media pollsters are formulating combinations of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents based on making Barack Obama look good. They do this by including too many Democrats in a polling sample, and giving Republicans short shrift.

It is extremely difficult to assemble a polling sample that will look exactly like the electorate on the day of the election. As you can see, this will change from town to town, state to state, and across the nation.

As this election campaign comes to a close, you have an opportunity to believe any poll you want.  After the election, we will know the results of the only real poll possible. We will have the election results.

I think the results will show that Mitt Romney will be the next President of The United States.

8 thoughts on “How Do Those Polls Work?”

  1. It is unbelievable how all the polls are all over the map. I think it is looking good for Romney, but things could be different by Tuesday. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Only time will tell if this is our last chance. It is certainly our last chance to stop the onslaught of social p;rograms. We will survive, but not very well if Obama wins. He is a loser, both figuratively and in reality. He knows how to snach defeat from the jaws of victory. I certainly hope that happens to him with the election. Good to hear from you, MK.

  3. I have no doubt you are right about the polls. They can be manipulated to get the results desired by the pollster. What gets me is how they seem to “tighten” or “swing” in one direction or the other. All because of things that shouldn’t make a bit of difference, such as the ridiculous photo op by President Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Are people really so naive as to be swayed by such an obvious ploy?

  4. “Are people really so naive as to be swayed by such an obvious ploy?” I think that is exactly the tactic the Democrats are hoping will work. You, too, can run a poll. Just call a couple of hundred of you closest friends, ask some leading questions, and publish the all-new, fresh-approach LD poll. Simple, isn’t it? You might even get some media attention, but not if your poll comes out saying Obama will lose.

  5. I think that the polls being rigged is the point for most of them. Why should a network like run a poll showing a Republican winning? The media has a lot invested in Obama, and their polls are just another way to advocate for their candidate. Thanks.

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