Month: November 2012

Will History Repeat Itself?

Something ominous is going on. Just think about it. First of all, the worst President in American History was elected to a second term. Now, we have the news that Notre Dame University is undefeated, and may well become the next national football champion. The last time Notre Dame won a national championship during a Democrat administration, the event presaged some of the worst days in American History. You see, Jimmy Carter ruled the White House, and Notre Dame ruled the gridiron.

‘Nuff said.

With the confluence of these two ominous events repeating, it spells bad luck for the nation. When Notre Dame won the championship during President George H W Bush’s administration, the Republicans kept the nation on an even keel in spite of the Notre Dame influence.

It is like the Biblical Children of Israel being exiled to foreign countries. No, it is worse. The last time the Democrats and Notre Dame won at the same time, things got really bad.

The entire country went into the Jimmy Carter malaise (a vague or unfocused feeling of mental uneasiness, lethargy, or discomfort). Democrats are all about malaise.

With great malaise, we prepare ourselves to jump off the fiscal cliff, while watching Medicare and Medicaid go bankrupt, and an undeserving football team that plays an elementary school schedule to be declared National Champion.

You must pray that either University of Georgia or University of Alabama will be able to do their part and right the wrong perpetrated on the nation by that Catholic school in Indiana whose name is bitter to speak.

Fighting Irish. Horse-feathers!

Thankfully Yours

Thanksgiving is a special time. It has roots in harvest celebrations that recede into a past that no one knows how long they have been going on. The idea of a harvest celebration is so natural that nobody has any complaint.

Even more important is our current observance of an autumn celebration at a time in history when there is no societal memory of actual crop harvests. We celebrate the day because it is part of our American heritage. The actual observance of Thanksgiving Day as a holiday is peculiarly an American tradition. We have hijacked an international idea and made it our own.

Colonists from Europe started appearing in large numbers on American shores in the seventeenth century. At first, their prospects were not good. A world-wide cold-snap was in full swing. That time is known as the Little Ice Age by scientists and climatologists. Winters were extremely cold, and growing seasons were short. People left Europe because of political and religious reasons, some of which were brought about by the inhospitable climate.

Today, I am thankful for our national tradition and ability to succeed. I will ignore our current march towards economic and political lethargy. I will forget for one day incompetent leadership. I will remember the blessings God has lavished on my family.

Thank you to all my friends who are more than their race, economic condition, or political beliefs.

Thank God for our salvation.

Time To Pay The Parasites

The unthinkable has happened. We are now, officially, a nation of parasites, takers, sponges, and welfare cheats.

The task now is to pay the parasites that have won the election. It is not pleasant, nor is it cheap. The greediest people in the country now run it. Forget freedoms and forget expecting the United States of America to be a strong country. The cowards and slackers are in control.

Starting in January, 2013, income taxes for most people will go up. The Bush tax cuts that saved the economy will be taken away. The economic damage to the economy will be incalculable.

Get ready for the nation to go off the financial cliff. Don’t expect a budget out of the White House, either. There is no plan to reduce the spending or the national debt. Correcting the financial shape of the nation is not in Barack Obama’s plans. He plans on more of the same tax and spend agenda.

Why does he do this? He is a big thinker pushing a small-minded agenda. The guy is a Marxist. Period. Socialism is the cornerstone of his vision for our nation. We may never dig our way out of this hole.

The stock market crashed, today, down a full two percent. Investors do not respect Obama’s ideas or policies. The stock market’s outlook for the nation’s economy is heralding a disaster.

Higher gasoline prices.

Higher food prices.

Higher taxes.

Higher health care prices.

Fewer jobs for qualified people.

Fewer companies being formed.

Buy stock in health insurance companies, food companies, and oil companies. All the rising prices mean higher profits for the sectors Obama was supposed to heal.

By all means, go on a diet. Get used to eating less. You won’t be able to afford much food, anymore.

Welcome to Obama’s World.


Early Voting

Ordinarily, I am opposed to early voting for any election. The best and fairest way to conduct an election is to have everybody vote in all locations at the same time. In this case you have a chance of less voter fraud, and mythical voter suppression.

There have been no cases of voter intimidation that have ever gone to court, or have ever been shown to be accurate. Fraudulent voting, on the other hand, is epidemic and many races in the nation have historically been won or lost because dead people have a habit of showing up in the voting results in certain places.

I have changed my mind about early voting. Now, I see it as a necessary evil.

The problem with an all-in-one election day is that in most large cities, the polls are not adequately staffed, nor are there enough of them to accommodate everybody in one day. In the last presidential election, I voted early, and even then had to stand in line for over two hours to get to the booth. Most of that waiting was outside.

So, what’s wrong with waiting outside? In the year 2008 election we had beautiful weather in Atlanta. This year, there is a forty percent chance of showers. The high temperature will be around forty-nine degrees. In Atlanta anything less than sixty degrees is cold.

Election Day in Atlanta will not be a warm day, and waiting in the long lines will be problematic for many people, including me. You see, I don’t like cold weather, and I don’t like waiting in lines. Oh, woe is me!

The problem with early voting in Fulton County, Georgia is that it was not available in my town. The closest early voting poll was about ten miles from home. The Fulton County offices in downtown Atlanta were available, but who wants to fight traffic for twenty-five miles, and then not find a place to park, plus wait in line in the city streets for half-a-day?

Early voting makes sense, but if we are going to do it adequate polling places need to be made available, especially in the suburbs. That way we rich people (tongue-in-cheek) will be able to elect more rich lawyers to office.

This early voting stuff is not what it is said to be.

We Take Time-Out From This Election To Talk About – Windows 8

Picture of the Windows 8 starter screen
Windows 8 Starter Screen

Sometimes you just have to try something new. Something new is always appealing, even though you know it is dangerous, and in the computer world, that means that you could lose your work, your data, and your living. New computer operating systems can be dangerous.

I have been using my new Microsoft email address. My Yahoo address is inundated with at least one hundred and sometimes three hundred emails per day, and I view my email as a reasonable alternative. In my mail box yesterday was a Microsoft offer to sell me the new Windows 8 upgrade to my Windows 7 system for only $39.99. This price was for download, only.  For $50, they would send the system DVD.

Forty bucks for a new operating system is a terrific deal. So, if I bought it, upon what computer would it be installed?

First of all, I didn’t want to upgrade my desktop. There is too much stuff to lose, and I had not done a full system backup in a long time. Secondly, I didn’t want to upgrade mynew Dell laptop for the same reason.

I didn’t need a new operating system for my three and one-half year old Toshiba Satellite laptop. I naturally decided to upgrade the Toshiba. All I use it for is to surf the net while my wife watches chick shows on TV. If something terrible happens to the Toshiba, it will make little difference.

The Windows 8 system is a two gigabyte file and it takes over a half hour to download. After the download, you have the option to install the system on your computer, load the system on a USB flash drive, or burn it on a DVD as an ISO file to be installed later. I chose the ISO file. Because of that, I have a DVD backup of the system.

The actual installation takes a lot of time, more than an hour. Prepare yourself with a cup of something hot, or a glass of something cold.

Windows 8 :

After the system installation, when it finally came time for the computer to boot, I was pleasantly surprised. Although I had seen pictures of the system, it looked even better in real life.

Instead of icons and menus, Microsoft Windows 8 is designed to be used with touch screens. In Windows 8 Microsoft uses tiles to represent applications instead of icons on a desktop. The tiles are little rectangles on the screen representing different applications, programs, and browsers.

As a matter of fact, with the Starter screen, you are not looking at your “desktop”. The desktop has its own tile so you can get to the stuff you had on your old desktop.

When you launch an application like Microsoft Word, the system automatically launches the desktop, and that’s where the program runs.

While working in one application, you may want to switch to something else, like a browser to look up the meaning of a word. That’s where you can get lost. Getting to a menu-like navigation system is really simple. Just move the mouse into one of the right corners of the screen and you can get back to the start screen to run that other application. The same thing is true about the lower left corner of the screen; it gets you the starter screen.

If you have other applications running, the top left of the screen will get you a chance to choose one of those. Don’t forget shortcut macros. By pressing ALT-TAB, you can whiz through all your applications faster than you can change windows on any other system.

The only problem with Windows 8 is that it is totally different from what you are used to using. Windows 8 is pointed to the coming flood of touch-screen computers, including several tablet and convertible computers. Touch-screens are the thing of the future. Just picture a world without mouse-related carpal tunnel. Fantastic!

Microsoft designed Windows 8 to be used with the standard input/output devices, too. The keyboard is still irreplaceable as a work device. There are some really good voice recognition systems around, but most people ignore them. As a matter of fact, within Windows 7 and Windows 8 is a very good voice recognition system. I could have written this article using that method. That’s one of the ways people in the future will write their blogs and books.

If you are ready for an adventure, you can give Windows 8 a try. I think you will wind up liking it. Just remember that it is really different, but not difficult. Don’t install it until you have a thorough system backup of your old operating system.

How Do Those Polls Work?

There are national polls, state polls, local polls, media run polls, internal campaign polls, and even a few objective polls. Objective polls are few and far between. They all read differently.

The reason for this is that there are different reasons for the polls to be run. If you are an election strategist, you will want the poll results to show your candidate in a positive light. Many of the internal polls run will remain unknown outside the campaign, unless there is an advantage to publicizing the results.

There are liberal media outlets running election polls by the dozen, almost, to have something to publish. They will not publish articles or polls that present a negative picture of their anointed candidate.

The terrible truth, I believe, is that many of the polls are manipulated to show a preconceived result. Liberal media like the television networks are famous for over-sampling Democrats in the polling population. It is the makeup of the sample that determines the poll results.

In this election cycle, liberal media pollsters are formulating combinations of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents based on making Barack Obama look good. They do this by including too many Democrats in a polling sample, and giving Republicans short shrift.

It is extremely difficult to assemble a polling sample that will look exactly like the electorate on the day of the election. As you can see, this will change from town to town, state to state, and across the nation.

As this election campaign comes to a close, you have an opportunity to believe any poll you want.  After the election, we will know the results of the only real poll possible. We will have the election results.

I think the results will show that Mitt Romney will be the next President of The United States.