Barack Obama – Biggest Loser In History?

Barack Obama is all by himself among Presidents of the United States. He is he biggest loser since, well, that’s really the point, isn’t it?

Barack Obama has lost the War in Iraq. With his unilateral decision to remove all American troops from Iraq, and by a date he made certain that the enemies of the United States knew, he tossed away the billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives lost in that country. Thousands of American military personnel, and several hundred thousand Iraqi’s were killed by radical Islamic terrorists. Walking away from our hard-earned victory is known as losing.

Afghanistan has the same earmarks as Iraq. Here we have a President that does not believe in defending American citizens except in a courtroom. This is the way anti-war ideologues think. Threats against our nation and way of life are inevitable, and legal positions are no defense in the real world of hate and killing that defines Islamic terrorism.

President Obama guarantees that everything we have paid for in terms of blood and treasure are thrown away, and the terrorists will, once again, have a safe haven in Afghanistan. Obama has lost this war, too.

The Obama disaster in Benghazi, Libya is a case in point of the bankrupt and unrealistic Obama view of the world. He actually thought that killing Bin Laden was accomplishing something. The truth is that Bin Laden had lost his mojo in Al Qaeda, and was nothing but a figure-head. You don’t win wars just by killing figure-heads. You have to eliminate their safe-havens, their resources, and their ability to move around. Obama has given Al Qaeda a second life.

Update: Link from The New York Post: “A Case Study In Incompetence”.
There’s more from the Washington Times. “Kuhner: Obama knew”.

Screwing up in Libya does not a war make. But, it does give an undeniable sign that we are losing the Global War on Terror. Chalk up another lost war for Obama.

There is one war that Obama is winning, and that is his War on America. The British could not defeat us. The Germans could not defeat us. The Japanese could not defeat us. The Chinese could not defeat us. The Russians could not defeat us. In Viet Nam we walked away, but were not defeated.

The only way we are being defeated is by Barack Obama. When he took the oath of office, his War on America started. Obama’s achievements in his favorite war are startling.

  • Four million fewer people are employed today than when Obama took office
  • Food stamp usage has gone up 65% in the last few years.
  • People getting economic relief by enrolling in the Social Security Disability program have increased 17.6%
  • Medicaid enrollment (health care for poor people) has increased 19.3% during the Obama administration.
  • 15.1% of the people in the United States are in poverty. 22.1% of all children live in needless poverty.This is more than at any time in history.
  • Median income (middle-class) is DOWN about $4000 per year since Obama took office. He is destroying the middle-class.

Barack Obama is certainly the biggest loser in American history, and he is the architect of his problems. He tries to blame his problems on others, but the American people are not stupid.

Barack Obama is winning his War on America. It turns out that because of Barack Obama we are the real losers.

20 thoughts on “Barack Obama – Biggest Loser In History?”

  1. That’s what hurts so much. it would be one thing for Barack Obama to say and do stupid things as a mediocre law professor, but it is quite something else for my life and other American’s lives to be destroyed because he has no clue about the real world. Thanks.

  2. I hope it gets to that. If that happens, I will probably go to Memphis just for some Rendezvous ribs. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Everything Obama did was intentional. To my knowledge, Obama is the first US President to have total desdain for America. He set out to show the world that America is not anything special; that it is just one more nation amoung a world of equal nations.
    It is a shame! When Jackie Robbinson broke into Major League Baseball, it wae important as the first black player that he do well. And, did he ever do well. It was a good thing for baseball and it was a good thing for America. Likewise, it was important that our first black president do well. But, instead of a Thomas Sowell or an Allen West, we got Barack Obama and he has been a disaster for black Americans and all Americans. The man who was billed as being the Great Uniter was in fact the Great Divider. His name will be cursed in the history books and that is what he deserves.

  4. I agree with your assessment. However, it may be that in a century when historians look at the Obama Administration, they will quickly see that there were no achievements, and that his signature health care plan was one of the worst things to ever happen to America. Obama actually planned for everybody to pay more for health care, and he planned for the quality of the nation’s health care system to decrease. Amazing!

  5. I agree with Conservatives on Fire: Everything Obama did was intentional.

    Obama is an anti-colonialist and is determined to push the colonialists — or whomever he deems as such.

    However, he’s not smart. Clever, yes. Smart, no. He’s so drunk on power and delusions that he cannot govern. He’s trying to bully and to bluff his way to re-election. But the economy and Benghazi-gate are working against him now.

    A week from tomorrow, Americans will decide their own futures. It should be a Romney landslide. We shall see what we shall see.

  6. You have to be careful that the snake is really dead before you can declare him dead. Obama is like a rattle snake with its head cut off. He might look to be dead, but you don’t get near those fangs because they are still lethal. However we look at things, the Great Obama Snake must go.

  7. and my sister’s already voted for the jerk. I am really so upset about it; she doesn’t pay attention to the news; she loves that he’s young and black and cool. And she’s an Ed.D. And very smart. I thought.

    excellent writing, Bob……….I totally agree with you.

  8. Thanks for the compliment. Your sister is like so many other intelligent people who don’t pay attention to the real issues. Economics is not easy to grasp, nor do many people understand fiscal issues, either. Our colleges apparently are not teaching those subjects very well, or students are not required to take them. Our education system is so diluted with just stuff. Thanks for you comments, and you great blog.

    By the way, I have been pretty busy, ,lately, and blogging has taken a back seat.

  9. Sadly, that vile man still has many, many supporters. Do they honestly understand the kind of person they are voting in? Are they really that happy with the way the economy has fallen, that we are in debt to China, a communist nation, that he has embraced infanticide?

    However, most liberals are so blind to the truth that they will make excuses for him and see him like some sort of hero. Gag!

  10. They really don’t have a clue. I have educated friends that love Obama, and have a visceral hatred for all things Republican. They are just narrow minded people going through life with blinders on. They do not have what it takes to critically examine a situation for what it is.

  11. Bob, exactly. I just had this very long debate with a young woman who loves Obama and was defending about Benghazi when i gave her lots of details, she stopped communicating, she didn’t have answer. It takes education and knowing the truth. I loved both President’ Bush’s but I wasn’t so awestruck that I didn’t point out what I didn’t like.

    Keep up the good work and educating the libs.

  12. Leticia said, “Keep up the good work and educating the libs.” I’m not sure the libs are up to being educated. My experience is that you cannot confuse them with facts!

  13. We hear that a lot, Jim. The liberals’ problem is that facts are facts. They don’t change no matter how exciting the Party talking points may be. There is only one set, and they are immutable. One of the distinguishing differences (I have always heard) is that liberals consult their feelings for explanations, and conservatives use logic and critical thinking to reach a given solution. The funny thing, many liberals understand this phenomena, but still go through life without considering the real world around them, They need a strong government holding their hand at every stage of their lives. Scary, isn’t it?

  14. “It turns out that because of Barack Obama we are the real losers.”

    I desperately hope enough Americans realize that. For the sake of your country and your children, don’t be fooled again.

  15. I still don’t understand why people voted for him in the first place. Only the dullards, and there seem to be lots of them around.

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