Al Qaeda Is Back!

Al Qaeda is back, and they are bigger and more numerous than before Bin Laden was killed. Simultaneous protests and terrorist attacks around the world were staged by Al Qaeda on the anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks on the United States. These simultaneous attacks were not a coincidence.

It was a planned set of actions meant to show the world that Al Qaeda is back. President Obama has been bragging that Al Qaeda has been decimated, but the Libyan embassy attack brands those statements as a big lie.

Osama Bin Laden was just a figure-head in the Al Qaeda organization when the SEALS helped him assume room temperature. Obama, indeed, went around bragging about having spent millions of dollars to kill a man who had no influence in the world of terror.

Bin Laden lost his mojo a long time ago when G W Bush’s soldiers pushed him into the wilds of Pakistan, marginalizing the master terrorist as a leader. The real power in Al Qaeda quickly moved to fight Americans in Iraq. Do you remember the thousands of Iraqi’s murdered by Al Qaeda’s operatives? They were fighting in Iraq in large numbers.

Huge numbers of terrorists filtered into Iraq through Iran and Syria to fight Americans.  Tons of weapons and millions of dollars poured into Iraq supporting Al Qaeda and allied terrorist groups. The war with Iraq was over fairly quickly, but the war on terror in Iraq was long and hard. We won, and we pretty well ran Al Qaeda out of Iraq. Now, Obama is surrendering the blood and treasure spent in Iraq to the terrorists who are already returning to that country.

Al Qaeda is strong in other nations around the Middle-East. We see the Islamic Brotherhood running Egypt. The Egyptian Brotherhood is not Al Qaeda, however you must remember that Bin Laden’s second in command was from the Egyptian Brotherhood. The two organizations have no religious or philosophical daylight between them. They support each other.

Barack Obama has been verbally defending a terrorist group when he speaks favorably about the Egyptian Brotherhood. Al Qaeda affiliates are also active in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and scores of other countries.

Due to the way they move around and birth other terrorist groups, Al Qaeda is bigger and badder than ever.

So much for Barack Obama’s big victory in the War on Terror.

14 thoughts on “Al Qaeda Is Back!”

  1. An excellent post, Bob. There are a lot of franchise jihadist organizations around the Middle East. So, although all the protest may not have been led by al Qaeda per se, they are all more than willing to coordinate activities and so your argument is totally valid. I have said before that I think there is something wrong about ur concept of war on terror. I believe that yes we have to go after the criminals; but I think our chances of winning this war are nil if we don’t go after the leaders of the governments that allow these groups to operate within their borders. Until the ayatolasin Iran, the Saudi Royal family, and the presidents of Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and yemen know that they will be in our sights if they don’t crack down on these jihadist groups nothing will improve.

  2. Bob, you are correct and I am afraid that there are al Qaeda camps here in the state. And Obama has welcomed them with open arms.

    He brushed off the four heinous deaths of our Ambassador and SEAL’s. That’ should speak to the world, and yet his followers are so blind.

  3. I don’t believe the War on Terror can be fought just by controlling their base countries. You have to get after them. They are not bashful about a fight. We are better off going after them overseas than falling back into the continental USA. If we do that, we will have lost all control, which may have happened under Obama, anyway.

  4. I am surprised to hear that there may be camps in your state. Although, it is pretty rural and the terrain is conducive for those kinds of activities in some places. You are right. Obama is doing nothing about the problem now that Bin Laden is dead, The murders in Libya was a message from Al Qaeda that they are back, big time.

  5. Huh…I think I did say we have to go after the criminals (attackers). I only added thaat that alone is not enough. I believe we also have to go after those that shield them and fund them and arm them.

  6. I agree that al Qaeda is back. Actually, I’m not sure they were ever gone, but they were probably laying low for a while. The only way to get them gone is to kill them all. That’s how radical they are. Obviously, we will not be killing everyone in the group, so you can be assured, they will remain. For Obama to assume he had that little problem solved, just because Seal Team Six killed Osama Bin Laden, is foolish and naive.

  7. Having had Bin Laden killed is Obama’s singular foreign undertaking. Iit hurts him for the nation to learn that Obama has been a fool. One is always a fool when you have all you eggs in one basket, so to speak. Now his eggs are scrambled, and only the media can save him.

  8. I can’t comment on this……..what I’d like to say is unladylike and unprintable. OK…one thing: if we don’t get this LIAR out of office, we’re in bigger trouble than we even THINK we are. He’ll do ANYTHING to make himself look good……ANYTHING.

  9. You are right. You are a lady, and Obama is a liar. As a citizen of the USA, I am deeply ashamed of how our leaders handled the foreign relations problems in the Benghazi affair. He knew about the lack of security, and most likely knew about an upcoming attack. It was predictable to everybody. My attitude is that it is out of my hands. I do all I can, but I am only one person with only a little influence on others. You influence many others through your blog. Keep up doing what you do. Thanks, Z.

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