Florida Turns Education On Its Racial Head

The Florida State Board of Education thinks they are taking the easy way out with their latest set of goals for students. They have arrived at a race based set of goals that sound sort-of racist. Or are they?

This is it in a nutshell:

By the year 2018 the goals for the state of Florida are for students in the following racial groups to achieve as follows. There are other goals, but these are the salient ones related to race:

In percent at or above grade level:

Asian students: 90%  reading:/92% in math.

White students: 88% reading/86% math. Current reading -> 69% 

Hispanic students: 81%reading/80% math. Current reading -> 53%

Black students: 74% reading/74% math. Current reading -> 38%

It is pretty obvious that nobody thinks the Asian community is in trouble. From what I have seen of these hard-working people, they make fine American citizens, assume individual responsibility, and become leaders in our communities.

The current figures made available in the article let us know the degree to which the students in the Florida public schools are getting the shaft. Those numbers are awful for every group for which I have data.

The problem is not a lack of effort or money to educate those kids. The problem is not the teachers, or the Florida State Board of Education. The problem is the culture of the kids and their families. The kids are capable of learning, but get no help at home, or worse, their cultures, i.e., gangsta & prison wannabes, are anti-education. Sometimes it is not cool to be educated if you are in certain sub-cultures.

As a matter of fact, the Florida educators have set goals that may be impossible to achieve with their five-year plan. Given the state of things, today, I would say that there’s not much hope for the Florida public schools simply because of the education-scoffers and anti-education attitude prevalent in many cultural sub-groups.

Now we know why so many people in Florida vote Democratic. They are not educated enough to understand the real issues, but they do understand liberal and socialistic handouts.

Hat tip to Instapundit & Small Dead Animals

9 thoughts on “Florida Turns Education On Its Racial Head”

  1. It was very brave of this school board put out a plan that identifies where the cultural sub-groups are and estabish high goals for improving their performance over five years. They could just as easily have publish the current results and claimed in five years all cultural groups would be performing at the same high level as the Asians. They would have received no grief from the activist groups.

    The reasons for the poor performance of all but the Asians are many. The take over of our education system by the “progrssives” is part of the problem. We, through our governments, have thrown tonnes of money at the problem only to see results get worse. The “progressive” take over of media and Hollywood has been a factor as well. Amd, for the black community in particular, there is a problem that defies understanding, at least for me. So many blacks who have escaped the cycle of poverty and ignorance by wat of the culture of sports or the culture of Hollywood, ir of the culture of politics still see themselves as victims of the white man’s society and they relay that attitude to the inner-city blacks. It’s no wonder that kids who want to study and improve are chastised for wanting to be white. And so, the gangsta cukture is all that is left to them. Until the leaders of the black community decide to work within the communties to change the culture and take responsibility for them selves, nothing is going to change. I find it ironic that these same professional victims keep clamoring for the white man’s government that they hate to solve their problems for them..

  2. Well said, Jim. Thanks. I agree that there are problems with black people and their approach to education that defy understanding. Not even a history of slavery, or anything else can explain the belligerence shown towards education by some black kids. I was going to tell you the story about my black neighbor and his success story. He attended college as a track and field athlete, and apparently had his pick of colleges. He leveraged his educational opportunity to become a success in the business world, and even though in his fifties, is working on his PhD. He moved into the neighborhood because the local high schools boasted the highest SAT scores in the state. He wanted his kids to be in that environment. I should continue to say that he and his family are the best neighbors we have ever had.

  3. As a matter of fact, the Florida educators have set goals that may be impossible to achieve with their five-year plan.

    I agree with your assessment.

    In fact, this week I will have two posts called “A Revealing Meeting” — about the sorry state of our education system. I think you’ll be interested in reading those two posts, Bob. Teachers who really are trying to get the job done have their hands tied in so many ways!

  4. We need a fundamental change in society to change the direction of illiterate people our schools are producing. I don’t know how to change culture. Our teachers, by and large, are hamstrung with problems they cannot correct.

  5. I believe that teachers need to have a little more free reign and more time to teach students and not rush them through all the academics. They are placed on time limits and days and then the poor kids are desperately trying to catch up before these ridiculous placements tests are taken. The teachers and kids would work a lot better if they were able to take their time and learn the subjects and not rush through.

  6. I agree. The testing problem is, well, it’s a problem. I was always good at testing, but some of my friends were not,m even though they got better grades that me at some things. Of course, I was a lazy young man, too. Everybody is a bit different in how fast they learn,. and what is the best environment for learning. Thanks.

  7. I was the kind of kid that froze during a test. Everything I learned would go out the window. Even when I was taking typing tests, it felt like my fingers weighed a ton and I wasn’t able to type as fast I as could. My last count was 75 words per minute, but when testing, it was down to 55. Sad, but true.

  8. My daughter was like you. Whenever she took a standardized test, she would get nervous and muff it. However, she did go to college and did very well at a competitive school in Texas. A lot of people are like that, and the standardized tests do not always reveal a person’s true intelligence. However, when over 40% of high school students cannot read at grade level, that is a problem that goes a lot further than just intelligence. At some point you have to consider that not all students are not created equal, and are not raised in equal families That spells culture to a large extent. Thanks for your comment.

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