Anti-Abortion Bumper Stickers

The bumper sticker said, “You Can’t Be A Christian And Pro-Choice”.  This bumper sticker was thought-provoking, to say the least. The car’s owner was obviously a devout Roman Catholic. The give-away was another bumper sticker saying, “Pray the rosary”.

I have long thought that those people who paste bumpers stickers on their cars have a problem. I detest bumper stickers, and see those who use them as rejects from the IQ allocation line at their creation.

In the case of the anti-abortion sticker I decided to reserve my opinion until I had thought about the issue for a bit. As I approached my car on the parking lot where I spotted the little sign, it struck me that the woman driving the vehicle was correct. I don’t see how you can be a Christian and advocate abortion for every pregnant woman. Jesus is all about life, and killing does not fit into our Christian beliefs.

Let’s think about this. There are certainly cases where an abortion is a recommended procedure for various reasons, some of which have to do with women’s health. That is the crux of the issue. Rape, incest, and the issue of the mother’s health come into play about five percent of the time, or even less.

The term, Pro-Choice is a straw-man, or fake argument. It is a euphemism that tries to conceal the fact that abortions are an act of killing. The fact that abortions kill babies is so incontrovertible that abortion advocates try to soften the issue by using a meaningless descriptive term, Pro-Choice. It is similar to terms like Climate Change, Social Justice, etc.

To follow-up on the social implications of abortion, it is well-known that pre-historic and other uncivilized societies practiced infant sacrifice and murder. For some, killing babies was because during food shortages when a tribe could not afford to feed a new mouth. Other societies would sacrifice babies and adults to please their gods. Even the Bushman of South Africa would make sure that there were no pregnancies during times of extreme drought and shortages.

It seems that abortions, or killing your young, is not only incompatible with Christianity, it not compatible with civilized people.

Abortions are uncivilized.

14 thoughts on “Anti-Abortion Bumper Stickers”

  1. Love your post. Have you ever seen Lord, Save us form Your Followers? It’s about a bumper sticker mentality taking over from true dialogue. I think it’s free on hulu.

  2. No, I have never seen that one. It does seem that some cars/trucks/vans are owned by aged hippies because they are still touting that stupid peace sign. Don’t you love the one that says, “War Is Not The Answer!”, when they don’t even know the question.

  3. “Abortions are uncivilized”.

    I couldn’t agree more. Sadly, I think our society has become less and less civilized since the sixties. The right to life, granted by God, is the right that all other rights spring from. When a mother¡s life is at stake, no one should judge her decission. When rape or incest are involved, I would hope that family and friends would care and comfort her and try to help her see that it was not the baby’s fault. However, considering the emotional damage that has been done to the mother, we should not judge her decission. In all other cases the baby should have the right to live. Women demand the rights over their bodies and I have no rpoblem with that. They should also take responsibility for how they use their bodies.

  4. Jim, Your comment is one of the best explanations of how we should view abortions. Thanks for your wisdom and thoughtful comment.

  5. I have had this argument with “Christians” and they just don’t get it. You cannot support the killing of babies. Murder is murder inside or outside the womb.

    I don’t use bumper stickers on my car, but I love that one!

  6. I would not put a bumper sticker on my car for many reasons. But, in spite of this woman being what I would call a “Super Catholic”, I still agree. You cannot be a Christian and support the business as usual killing of babies. Anyone can see that, but many refuse to admit it.

  7. As one whose best friend was raped in college in 1971 and watched that friend go through the fear of being impregnated by a serial rapist and as one whose sister-in-law was kidnapped and raped by a serial rapist/murderer who was later executed by the state of Florida, I do have compassion for victims of rape, particularly the situations that I just described.

    I’ve also known of one impregnation of a 5th grader. This case was incest (older brother, older by some 10 years).

    I also have compassion for women like my friend Ruth, who was carrying a baby so deformed that Georgetown University Hospital, a Jesuit facility, performed an abortion during the 2nd trimester. The situation with Ruth’s baby was that terrible, and Ruth was 39 years old and having her first child (planned) as soon as she married (late in life). Georgetown described the baby as “a freak”! Two years later, Ruth had a perfectly normal child — and decided to try for no more as she was already 41 years old.

    What I do not have patience with or understanding of is women who wait several weeks to have a D&C or like procedure — especially now that early pregnancy tests are easily available.

    Revolving-door, on-demand abortions are immoral. Period. And those are the most common types of abortions being performed today! 😦

  8. Those are awful things that happened to your family and friends. It makes me shudder to read of things like that. I believe that abortions are wrong, but many times things like this are necessary. We all have to justify ourselves to God someday, and there are many who will be guilty of murder. I have plenty to think about, myself.

    As far as bumper stickers go, it really gets messy to put those all over your car. You can scrape them off the windshields, but the paint should be left alone.

    Thanks for your comments.

  9. Real situations such as the ones I described are surreal — and, fortunately, quite rare in the bigger scheme of things.

    To the credit of my sister-in-law, I have to say that she did get on with life, get married, and have two sons (grown now).

    My best friend’s outcome wasn’t so good. She never got over what happened. Gone forever was the girl who loved life and was so outgoing! She lives like a hermit. We are still best friends (long-distance best friends), but she has only three friends. Very sad. At least, she didn’t commit suicide. That was on the table for a while.

  10. This is really disturbing. There will be lots of law suits going on to keep attorneys busy for a long The Canadian government is full of twits. .

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