Al Gore Could Be Right!

Believe it or not, some people experience problems when suddenly finding themselves at significant elevations above what their bodies are used to.

There are two times I will defend Al Gore, Jr.’s statements, and this is one of those times. When Gore speculated that Obama’s problem during the debate may have been the rarefied air of mile high Denver, Colorado it rang alarms in my memory of a personal experience.

When I lived in Houston, Texas as a sales manager for a Fortune 100 company, one year I attended a national sales meeting at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado Springs is at 6,000 feet above sea level, more than the 5,000 feet level in Denver.

We all took flights into Denver, and shuttles to Colorado Springs. I got there about 3:00 in the afternoon, and checked into the hotel. When I got to my room, I didn’t even take my clothes off. I went straight to bed because of a pounding headache. Later that evening, I awoke hungry, and feeling much better.

Dinner was at the hotel restaurant that evening. I was at a table with one of the guys who worked for me, and a couple of salesmen from other parts of the country.

Now, I had flown in from Houston, Texas which has an elevation of about 100 ft above sea level. My employee came in from New Orleans which is below sea level. Neither of us was used to the thin air in Colorado.

As we were leaving the restaurant, my New Orleans guy fainted dead away. Splat! Right on the floor in front of me. Several of us helped him up, and he fainted, again. Something seemed wrong even though he was awake and talking normally.

An ambulance took him to the hospital where the medical people proclaimed him OK. When  asked about the malady our comrade experienced, they reported that it was not uncommon for people from lower lying parts of the country to experience a mild case of elevation sickness.

Just going to the high elevations in Colorado caused both of us to be uncomfortable and in some pain. In his case he fainted, twice!

Yes, Barack Obama could have been affected by the elevation. My buddy was a smoker at the time, and  Barack Obama is a smoker. This could possibly mean a diminished lung capacity for the President. That might explain his listlessness during the debate.

6 thoughts on “Al Gore Could Be Right!”

  1. It is possinle that he was affected by the altitude and Romney wasn’t. But, remember the President travels with his physcian, who would have known to treat his patient for that possibility.

    As an aside, people who travel to the high country of Peru, immesiately upon arriving at their hotels are handed a cup of tea made from coca leaves, to help people adjust to the altitude.

    I’m thinking Vice President, Al Gore and Vice President Joe Biden are a real pair. The Democrats seem to pick reall losers for their running mates.

  2. Yeah, the Dems have the doozies and crazies. However, I do remember that Colorado experience and Obama’s personal physician may have not been familiar with the elevation problem if he never lived there. The folks that live there don’t have a problem, and the folks that drive there don’t have a problem. Most of the skiers that fly into Colorado are active people and don’t have a problem. Plus, most people that live on the east coast never heard of the problem.

    The problem for the GOP is that it is now easy to underestimate Obama who is a fierce debater and liar. Don’t be fooled by his bad performance. I can pretty well guarantee the he will not be easy pickings, again. With today’s phony jobs report, the GOP story just got an order of magnitude tougher to handle.

    Coca leaves? Where can I get some of that. I am a tea drinker, you know.

  3. the problem is that the DNC convention where O was nominated was also in Colorado……no problem then? I’m thinking that the pres travels enough to know if he has a sensitivity to elevations and he’d have planned for it……..
    this just didn’t make sense to me.
    I have a sis with a house in Park City; she has a headache for 2-3 days every time they go…….if she was speaking there at some engagement, she’d get there 4 days ahead because she KNOWS.

  4. Z: O was in Denver for a while, and did not come into a major meeting with only a couple of hours to adapt. I think O still may be a smoker, which would make it more problematic for him play jetset guy. Thanks.

  5. It doesn’t explain the listlessness and detachment of his presidency though. Then again maybe it does, he’s always flying around in air force 1 from place to place.

    Perhaps he’ll consider taking the bus instead, and save the taxpayer a couple million, heaven forbid!

  6. Listlessness. Good word. He may not be the sharpest man in the room, but he is the laziest. That may describe him. Thanks!

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