The Great Debates

Some people call the televised Q&A sessions debates, but that’s not what we get. I don’t know much about the Lincoln Douglass debates, but I think letting each party take as much time as they want to address a particular subject is a great idea. With the charades called debates on television, we are being shortchanged.

Instead we get the John King kinds of questions like “When did you stop beating your wife”, or other nonsense like he used to try to knock Newt Gingrich off-balance. It didn’t work with Newt, and I don’t think it will work with Romney and Obama.

What we can look for is one question to Obama that says, “Do you agree that the economy is not improving even though it is not your fault?”  Softballs are always reserved for the liberal candidate.

Look for a question to Mitt Romney that implicates the following, “Why do you hate women?”  The landscape will not be conducive for the Republican candidate.

For these reasons, I have considered going to a movie, “2016”comes to mind, and recording the debate on DVR. That way I can listen to the candidate, edit out the network spin doctors’ blather, and digest what was said rather than what the media wants me to understand.

I will blog further on the first debate, but in the meantime I am in a waiting room at the car repair shop. Does my old Ford need a brake job, or not? How about the alignment? You cannot get out of a repair shop without spending at least five hundred dollars.

This car thing can take your mind of the debates.

4 thoughts on “The Great Debates”

  1. The “debates” are being run by the Socialist News Networks. The cards are stacked against Romney. He will have to deflect the moderators questions as fast possible and then start pushing Obama hot buttons.

  2. Yeah. Romney is going to have to walk out on stage like he owns it. That’s what I would do.Then, I would own the show.

  3. Romney really does need to do well, even if the debates really are debates. As sad as it may be, his performance tonight may very well decide the election.

    How did your car repairs go? I work at a repair shop, in the front office.

  4. Got a new front rotors and pads. The also purged the brake fluid as I had old stuff in there, and some had to be added last week. It apparently had some moisture in it. $581.00 included the brake job, oil change, and some sort of ethanol treatment I never heard of. There’s always something else to sell us old guys..

    While in the waiting room, I conversed with a 71 yr old black man whose wife was sick, and he was pretty low on cash. His wife’s car had a bad air conditioner compressor, and the poor guy could not afford a another. He asked the tech if they could just take the compressor out of the car altogether, but they cannot. Just count your blessings, and hope that Obama leaves a little money for retirees when you get there.

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