Romney Wins First Debate

It is not clear what this will mean for the election, but Dr Charles Kuralt said that that Romney won by two touchdowns. I am not sure what those touchdowns were, specifically, but Romney definitely won.

Mitt ran the tables on the economy, and gave up some ground on health care. Just as I have reported on this blog many times, Barack Obama does not understand economics. Mitt Romney, Harvard MBA, know business and is very rich by his own talents and knowledge.

Obama’s knowledge of his Obama Care program was definitely a plus. Romney needs to take care of that in the coming days.

I didn’t watch the whole thing since I was recording it on DVR. Now, I will enjoy the perceptions of others on the internet.

Enjoy. Sometimes victories are hard to come by.

6 thoughts on “Romney Wins First Debate”

  1. i agree. Romney did very well and obama looked lost. I watched a video this morning of Chris Matthews having a meltdown last night. He screamed for what seemed like five minutes “Where was Obama! Where was Obama”” It was priceless to watch.

  2. I stopped watching Chris Matthews a long time ago. He seems to ignore reality, and that’s one thing that categorizes fools. It was gratifying to see Romney on his game. In the next debate, Obama will resort more to lies, and will disregard whatever rules in place to try to run over Romney. That’s the kind of childish person Obama is.

  3. It was a smack down!! I enjoyed watching Obama squirm for the first time, because he couldn’t defend anything he was proposing. Romney was well-prepared and gave eye contact, etc.

    Obama, well, pretty sad.

  4. I don’t think Obama knows what a smack down is. Anyway, it was a verbal smackdown. Romney was very good. The next time Obama will be prepared, and wide awake. Do not underestimate him.

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