Month: October 2012

Barack Obama – Biggest Loser In History?

Barack Obama is all by himself among Presidents of the United States. He is he biggest loser since, well, that’s really the point, isn’t it?

Barack Obama has lost the War in Iraq. With his unilateral decision to remove all American troops from Iraq, and by a date he made certain that the enemies of the United States knew, he tossed away the billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives lost in that country. Thousands of American military personnel, and several hundred thousand Iraqi’s were killed by radical Islamic terrorists. Walking away from our hard-earned victory is known as losing.

Afghanistan has the same earmarks as Iraq. Here we have a President that does not believe in defending American citizens except in a courtroom. This is the way anti-war ideologues think. Threats against our nation and way of life are inevitable, and legal positions are no defense in the real world of hate and killing that defines Islamic terrorism.

President Obama guarantees that everything we have paid for in terms of blood and treasure are thrown away, and the terrorists will, once again, have a safe haven in Afghanistan. Obama has lost this war, too.

The Obama disaster in Benghazi, Libya is a case in point of the bankrupt and unrealistic Obama view of the world. He actually thought that killing Bin Laden was accomplishing something. The truth is that Bin Laden had lost his mojo in Al Qaeda, and was nothing but a figure-head. You don’t win wars just by killing figure-heads. You have to eliminate their safe-havens, their resources, and their ability to move around. Obama has given Al Qaeda a second life.

Update: Link from The New York Post: “A Case Study In Incompetence”.
There’s more from the Washington Times. “Kuhner: Obama knew”.

Screwing up in Libya does not a war make. But, it does give an undeniable sign that we are losing the Global War on Terror. Chalk up another lost war for Obama.

There is one war that Obama is winning, and that is his War on America. The British could not defeat us. The Germans could not defeat us. The Japanese could not defeat us. The Chinese could not defeat us. The Russians could not defeat us. In Viet Nam we walked away, but were not defeated.

The only way we are being defeated is by Barack Obama. When he took the oath of office, his War on America started. Obama’s achievements in his favorite war are startling.

  • Four million fewer people are employed today than when Obama took office
  • Food stamp usage has gone up 65% in the last few years.
  • People getting economic relief by enrolling in the Social Security Disability program have increased 17.6%
  • Medicaid enrollment (health care for poor people) has increased 19.3% during the Obama administration.
  • 15.1% of the people in the United States are in poverty. 22.1% of all children live in needless poverty.This is more than at any time in history.
  • Median income (middle-class) is DOWN about $4000 per year since Obama took office. He is destroying the middle-class.

Barack Obama is certainly the biggest loser in American history, and he is the architect of his problems. He tries to blame his problems on others, but the American people are not stupid.

Barack Obama is winning his War on America. It turns out that because of Barack Obama we are the real losers.

What Did Obama Know? When Did He Know it?

If a bad event comes down to those two questions, there is something wrong with our leader. We have seen this before, and it was with President Nixon. Even though I am a Republican, and voted for Richard Nixon, I was repulsed by the idea that he would cover up even a minor crime like the Watergate break-in.

Obama is obviously covering up his administration’s incompetence in the terrorists attack on Benghazi when our Ambassador was needlessly killed. The whole affair was predictable, and the embassy personnel had requested additional security assets only to be refused. The whole affair is painful.

The President’s propensity to lie about the cause and type of attack is out in the open, now. This week, both CNN and Fox News published copies of State Department emails that conclusively show that the White House, the State Department, and the Pentagon all knew of the attacks, and which terrorist group was doing the attacking.

The horrifying thing to me is that in spite of the date of 9/11, our administration was asleep at the switch. Plus, they ignored previous attacks on the same facility leading up to 9/11. In addition, the administration refused needed security for that same facility.

No American citizen was surprised that the attacks happened on 9/11, and in a multiple places. That is the finger-print of Al Qaeda. They love the multiple and simultaneous attacks.  Apparently, Obama did not care for the welfare of our citizens.

It is time we got rid of the Liar-In-Chief. This coverup is about lives lost, and that is more serious than Watergate ever could be.

Al Qaeda Is Back!

Al Qaeda is back, and they are bigger and more numerous than before Bin Laden was killed. Simultaneous protests and terrorist attacks around the world were staged by Al Qaeda on the anniversary of the 9/11/2001 attacks on the United States. These simultaneous attacks were not a coincidence.

It was a planned set of actions meant to show the world that Al Qaeda is back. President Obama has been bragging that Al Qaeda has been decimated, but the Libyan embassy attack brands those statements as a big lie.

Osama Bin Laden was just a figure-head in the Al Qaeda organization when the SEALS helped him assume room temperature. Obama, indeed, went around bragging about having spent millions of dollars to kill a man who had no influence in the world of terror.

Bin Laden lost his mojo a long time ago when G W Bush’s soldiers pushed him into the wilds of Pakistan, marginalizing the master terrorist as a leader. The real power in Al Qaeda quickly moved to fight Americans in Iraq. Do you remember the thousands of Iraqi’s murdered by Al Qaeda’s operatives? They were fighting in Iraq in large numbers.

Huge numbers of terrorists filtered into Iraq through Iran and Syria to fight Americans.  Tons of weapons and millions of dollars poured into Iraq supporting Al Qaeda and allied terrorist groups. The war with Iraq was over fairly quickly, but the war on terror in Iraq was long and hard. We won, and we pretty well ran Al Qaeda out of Iraq. Now, Obama is surrendering the blood and treasure spent in Iraq to the terrorists who are already returning to that country.

Al Qaeda is strong in other nations around the Middle-East. We see the Islamic Brotherhood running Egypt. The Egyptian Brotherhood is not Al Qaeda, however you must remember that Bin Laden’s second in command was from the Egyptian Brotherhood. The two organizations have no religious or philosophical daylight between them. They support each other.

Barack Obama has been verbally defending a terrorist group when he speaks favorably about the Egyptian Brotherhood. Al Qaeda affiliates are also active in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and scores of other countries.

Due to the way they move around and birth other terrorist groups, Al Qaeda is bigger and badder than ever.

So much for Barack Obama’s big victory in the War on Terror.

Has Obama Lied About Romney?

Barack Obama likes to start his debate segments with the words, “What the governor just said is not true”. If I were Governor Romney, I would call the little snot out, and put him under immediate trial. I would not let the jerk call me a liar and get away with it.

Romney has gone to great lengths to keep his cool in the presence of the President. It goes to his credit that he is paying some deference to the office. Well, it is time the gloves came off and somebody beat our worthless President into a verbal pulp.

Obama has profaned his office with his lies and manipulations of what actually happened in Libya in the murders of our Ambassador and his guards, all American citizens. A President has no higher calling than to protect citizens, where ever they are. Where was President Obama when the embassy was refused the security assets it needed to protect American diplomatic personnel and citizens? All we get are deflections, misleading statements, and downright lies.

Obama says Romney lied about tax cuts. The proof of the pudding is that Romney has not personally made any statement about the level of any taxes in his administration, and therefore the Obama people have no proof in terms of film clips, written accounts, or any other material. Obama just lies about this stuff, and the press lets him do it.

Obama has also lied about his jobs performance. He claims over 4 million jobs have been created in his administration, but that is what we scientists call cherry picking, and humorists call, “lying through his teeth”. Those jobs would have been generated, anyway, but the fact remains that more people are out of work now, than when Obama took office. Obama has created zero net new jobs.

The recession bottomed out about four months after Obama took office. That means that the recovery started at that moment. The problem has been that Obama’s policies from “Cash for Clunkers”, to his Trillion Dollar Stimulus which created almost no jobs at all, and his unwise health care program, Obama-Care, have halted the recovery that should have been after the recession.

Obama continues to lie about pretty much everything. He has to lie. He has accomplished nothing in his almost four years in office, and his policies are a serious hindrance to economic recovery. It is time Mitt Romney hammered that message home, and call Obama the real liar he is.

Florida Turns Education On Its Racial Head

The Florida State Board of Education thinks they are taking the easy way out with their latest set of goals for students. They have arrived at a race based set of goals that sound sort-of racist. Or are they?

This is it in a nutshell:

By the year 2018 the goals for the state of Florida are for students in the following racial groups to achieve as follows. There are other goals, but these are the salient ones related to race:

In percent at or above grade level:

Asian students: 90%  reading:/92% in math.

White students: 88% reading/86% math. Current reading -> 69% 

Hispanic students: 81%reading/80% math. Current reading -> 53%

Black students: 74% reading/74% math. Current reading -> 38%

It is pretty obvious that nobody thinks the Asian community is in trouble. From what I have seen of these hard-working people, they make fine American citizens, assume individual responsibility, and become leaders in our communities.

The current figures made available in the article let us know the degree to which the students in the Florida public schools are getting the shaft. Those numbers are awful for every group for which I have data.

The problem is not a lack of effort or money to educate those kids. The problem is not the teachers, or the Florida State Board of Education. The problem is the culture of the kids and their families. The kids are capable of learning, but get no help at home, or worse, their cultures, i.e., gangsta & prison wannabes, are anti-education. Sometimes it is not cool to be educated if you are in certain sub-cultures.

As a matter of fact, the Florida educators have set goals that may be impossible to achieve with their five-year plan. Given the state of things, today, I would say that there’s not much hope for the Florida public schools simply because of the education-scoffers and anti-education attitude prevalent in many cultural sub-groups.

Now we know why so many people in Florida vote Democratic. They are not educated enough to understand the real issues, but they do understand liberal and socialistic handouts.

Hat tip to Instapundit & Small Dead Animals

Anti-Abortion Bumper Stickers

The bumper sticker said, “You Can’t Be A Christian And Pro-Choice”.  This bumper sticker was thought-provoking, to say the least. The car’s owner was obviously a devout Roman Catholic. The give-away was another bumper sticker saying, “Pray the rosary”.

I have long thought that those people who paste bumpers stickers on their cars have a problem. I detest bumper stickers, and see those who use them as rejects from the IQ allocation line at their creation.

In the case of the anti-abortion sticker I decided to reserve my opinion until I had thought about the issue for a bit. As I approached my car on the parking lot where I spotted the little sign, it struck me that the woman driving the vehicle was correct. I don’t see how you can be a Christian and advocate abortion for every pregnant woman. Jesus is all about life, and killing does not fit into our Christian beliefs.

Let’s think about this. There are certainly cases where an abortion is a recommended procedure for various reasons, some of which have to do with women’s health. That is the crux of the issue. Rape, incest, and the issue of the mother’s health come into play about five percent of the time, or even less.

The term, Pro-Choice is a straw-man, or fake argument. It is a euphemism that tries to conceal the fact that abortions are an act of killing. The fact that abortions kill babies is so incontrovertible that abortion advocates try to soften the issue by using a meaningless descriptive term, Pro-Choice. It is similar to terms like Climate Change, Social Justice, etc.

To follow-up on the social implications of abortion, it is well-known that pre-historic and other uncivilized societies practiced infant sacrifice and murder. For some, killing babies was because during food shortages when a tribe could not afford to feed a new mouth. Other societies would sacrifice babies and adults to please their gods. Even the Bushman of South Africa would make sure that there were no pregnancies during times of extreme drought and shortages.

It seems that abortions, or killing your young, is not only incompatible with Christianity, it not compatible with civilized people.

Abortions are uncivilized.

Al Gore Could Be Right!

Believe it or not, some people experience problems when suddenly finding themselves at significant elevations above what their bodies are used to.

There are two times I will defend Al Gore, Jr.’s statements, and this is one of those times. When Gore speculated that Obama’s problem during the debate may have been the rarefied air of mile high Denver, Colorado it rang alarms in my memory of a personal experience.

When I lived in Houston, Texas as a sales manager for a Fortune 100 company, one year I attended a national sales meeting at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado Springs is at 6,000 feet above sea level, more than the 5,000 feet level in Denver.

We all took flights into Denver, and shuttles to Colorado Springs. I got there about 3:00 in the afternoon, and checked into the hotel. When I got to my room, I didn’t even take my clothes off. I went straight to bed because of a pounding headache. Later that evening, I awoke hungry, and feeling much better.

Dinner was at the hotel restaurant that evening. I was at a table with one of the guys who worked for me, and a couple of salesmen from other parts of the country.

Now, I had flown in from Houston, Texas which has an elevation of about 100 ft above sea level. My employee came in from New Orleans which is below sea level. Neither of us was used to the thin air in Colorado.

As we were leaving the restaurant, my New Orleans guy fainted dead away. Splat! Right on the floor in front of me. Several of us helped him up, and he fainted, again. Something seemed wrong even though he was awake and talking normally.

An ambulance took him to the hospital where the medical people proclaimed him OK. When  asked about the malady our comrade experienced, they reported that it was not uncommon for people from lower lying parts of the country to experience a mild case of elevation sickness.

Just going to the high elevations in Colorado caused both of us to be uncomfortable and in some pain. In his case he fainted, twice!

Yes, Barack Obama could have been affected by the elevation. My buddy was a smoker at the time, and  Barack Obama is a smoker. This could possibly mean a diminished lung capacity for the President. That might explain his listlessness during the debate.

Iran Is In Big Trouble

According to news reports, Iran’s economy is in shambles and is getting closer to a financial collapse. International sanctions have something to do with their problems, but lower sales of oil is the biggest cause.

Iran relies on imports for fuel and food. For some reason they cannot feed their own people. There has been a world-wide recession for several years, and demand for oil is down. They need foreign currency reserves to feed and clothe their people.

The United Nations has imposed economic sanctions on Iran thinking that those sanctions would slow and eventually halt Iran’s march to build nuclear weapons. It sounds good but that’s not the way the world works.

The sanctions are having an effect on the Iranian people. Fuel is short. Food is expensive. Manufactured items are in short supply because of the sanctions against exporting goods to Iran. The Iranian population is being crushed, but the political leadership and military prosper. The sanctions are hurting the people, not enough to slow down their nuclear program.

Iran is suffering about a 24% annual rate of inflation. Normal, everyday commodities have become luxury items. Even chicken is considered in that category. Plus, Iran’s continued support of the criminal Assad Syrian regime is draining the Iranian treasury. Things are so bad that the Iranian government is using  Revolutionary Guard troops to keep the people from rioting.

In spite of all this bad news, Iran is still making rapid progress towards the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons. This is their goal, and a few million starving people will not get in the way. If you don’t believe a country is capable of starving its citizens, remember Mao Zedong causing up to forty-five million people to die of starvation because of the inability of communism to feed the Chinese people.

The Obama Administration is irrational about the Iranian situation. Obama is wrong-headed, and going in the wrong direction. Many people credit Obama’s Muslim background as influencing him to keep repeating the failed negotiations route that has failed all Presidents from Jimmy Carter to the present. Negotiations have had no results.

The Iranians will have their nuclear program. Sooner than later, nuclear weapons will proliferate around the world to any and every little Mullah that happens to be running a Muslim country. That means terrorism, and that’s what this is all about.

Obama simply doesn’t get it.

Romney Wins First Debate

It is not clear what this will mean for the election, but Dr Charles Kuralt said that that Romney won by two touchdowns. I am not sure what those touchdowns were, specifically, but Romney definitely won.

Mitt ran the tables on the economy, and gave up some ground on health care. Just as I have reported on this blog many times, Barack Obama does not understand economics. Mitt Romney, Harvard MBA, know business and is very rich by his own talents and knowledge.

Obama’s knowledge of his Obama Care program was definitely a plus. Romney needs to take care of that in the coming days.

I didn’t watch the whole thing since I was recording it on DVR. Now, I will enjoy the perceptions of others on the internet.

Enjoy. Sometimes victories are hard to come by.

The Great Debates

Some people call the televised Q&A sessions debates, but that’s not what we get. I don’t know much about the Lincoln Douglass debates, but I think letting each party take as much time as they want to address a particular subject is a great idea. With the charades called debates on television, we are being shortchanged.

Instead we get the John King kinds of questions like “When did you stop beating your wife”, or other nonsense like he used to try to knock Newt Gingrich off-balance. It didn’t work with Newt, and I don’t think it will work with Romney and Obama.

What we can look for is one question to Obama that says, “Do you agree that the economy is not improving even though it is not your fault?”  Softballs are always reserved for the liberal candidate.

Look for a question to Mitt Romney that implicates the following, “Why do you hate women?”  The landscape will not be conducive for the Republican candidate.

For these reasons, I have considered going to a movie, “2016”comes to mind, and recording the debate on DVR. That way I can listen to the candidate, edit out the network spin doctors’ blather, and digest what was said rather than what the media wants me to understand.

I will blog further on the first debate, but in the meantime I am in a waiting room at the car repair shop. Does my old Ford need a brake job, or not? How about the alignment? You cannot get out of a repair shop without spending at least five hundred dollars.

This car thing can take your mind of the debates.