Should Convicted Felons Be Allowed To Vote?

Your answer to this question depends on your race, ethnic background, cultural heritage, and whether you got enough sleep last night. Everybody has an opinion

In today’s Washington Post there is a story about the NAACP (National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People) running to the United Nations ( Oh, my!) to squeal on us for some states not allowing felons to vote. Now, the twist is that most states don’t allow felons to vote, but most restore that right after a person has served out their time.

The states that do not restore these rights are Florida, Iowa, Kentucky and Virginia. These states are highly contested battle ground states, and activist organizations like the NAACP know full well that most of the felons in and out of prison in these states can make the difference in this Presidential election if they vote for the Democrat.

Thugs traditionally vote for the Democrat candidate. Strange, isn’t it? The common ground between felons and the Democrat Party is corruption. Think, “Birds of a feather…”, and all that.

OK. The NAACP says the whole thing is racist, but that’s not necessarily so. It just happens that most people in some jails are black, but not because they are black.

There is no evidence of racism to support that thesis. What we have is a statistical correlation, and there is no evidence of racial discrimination that puts these people in their situation. Witness the millions of successful black entrepreneurs, academics, and professionals who are doing well by anyone’s standards.

How did they stay out of jail? We don’t read about their statistics. There are lots of very successful black people in the USA.

Race is seen in almost every facet of life, but that in itself is not racist. We all know it when we see a black person, or a white person, or a person with Asian features. Recognizing these things is not racist. It is natural, and we should rejoice in our differences and likenesses.

The NAACP will see race in everything, therefore everything is racist. That is how they raise money. If your only living is made by going around screaming, “Racism!”, “Racism!”, that is what you will do.

The question was, “Should convicted felons be allowed to vote?” My answer is, no.

However, once a person has paid their debt to society, they should be invited back to live like the rest of us, with a complete set of rights.

The funny thing about this situation is that if the laws were different in those states under discussion, those felons that become ex-convicts would probably not vote, anyway.

Well, maybe they would if somebody paid them. Nah! That could never happen in the Democrat Party.

6 thoughts on “Should Convicted Felons Be Allowed To Vote?”

  1. IMO, most race baiters are hypocrites. They no that race is not the real reason for their case. But, they also know that using the race card often works.

    I agree with our opinion on felons voting provided they have finished their probation period.

  2. The people who consistently and constantly cry racism at the drop of a hat are doing their stated purpose an injustice. The boy who cried wolf one too many times comes to mind. Of course, their stated purpose isn’t what they are really after, but they won’t talk about that.

    As for convicted felons voting, I see nothing wrong with them regaining their voting rights, after they have served their prison sentence. The rest of their rights, such as gun ownership, should also be reinstated, unless they were convicted of violent crimes.

  3. Absolutely NOT! They are in jail and have been stripped of their rights, well some rights, apparently they have more freedom than most of us have.

    It’s not about race, it’s about people doing time. Man! This is getting way out of hand. Sick of people using the race card.

  4. LD: This race thing really is a red herring. I also agree about the gun thing.

    Millie: Amen, lady. If you don’t have any skin in the game, you should have no say about how the game is played.

    Leticia: You are right. If someone is convicted of a felon, they have pretty well violated some else’s rights to property, life, and well being. If you are guilty of trashing someone else’s rights, yours should be taken away.

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