War On Women? How About Minorities?

Who said there is a war on women. Certainly, Sandra Fluke needs help affording her claimed condom expenses of $3,000 per year. It sure seems to me that she could ask a few of her lovers to help out on their mutual activities.

So, where does this war on women come from? There is not a woman in America who is cut off from access to birth control or health care. If you are a poor college student in a top rated university as Ms Fluke, you get as many free condoms are you want. Plus, you get free healthcare and psychiatric care at many of these colleges and universities.

In Ms Fluke’s case she has transcended reality. In her apparent wealth and sponsorship in the rarefied atmosphere and echo chambers of one of America’s top universities, Ms Fluke has no clue about what’s going on in the real world.

The real war against women is that they are being tossed on the streets because they, too, are losing their jobs. Women’s unemployment numbers are not improving.

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

unemployment rates for adult men (7.6 percent), adult women (7.3 percent), teenagers (24.6 percent), whites (7.2 percent), blacks (14.1 percent), and Hispanics (10.2 percent) showed little or no change in August. The jobless rate for Asians was 5.9 percent

So, there really is a jobs war on against blacks and Hispanics. Who does Obama think he is kidding? So far, he is kidding everybody and people haven’t figured it out.

So it goes in America. The people get bupkus, while the politicians get rich and ram programs down our throats to make it so. Obama Care, carbon taxes, universal birth control and abortions head-line the show.

What about the 14.1% black unemployment rate? Does that mean nothing to the NAACP, the self-appointed watch dog group for black people in America? What does it mean to America’s black population? Is it true that all black people will vote for Obama because he is black, and has yet to do anything meaningful for black people? That sure sounds racist to me. It sounds like it is OK to screw black people as long as you are black.

One of the most energetic groups of people in the nation are our Hispanic citizens. Yet, the unemployment rate for Hispanics in this country is 10.2 %. It is not getting any better, and will not as long as Barack Obama is in office.

Notice that Barack Obama has not made an issue of Asians in this country. That’s because Asians have enough sense to stick together, sponsor each other in business, and not depend on the Federal Government. We all know local Asian people that own a chain of laundries, or restaurants. They will hire their own family to build on success for their families.

The unemployment rate for Asians is at 5.9%. You can bet that any head of a Chinese, Korean, or other southeast Asian family will not tolerate their adult children to go unemployed. They will find something for them to do.

Waiting for the Federal Government to do something about a job for yourself is a fool’s game. Mitt Romney’s comments about  the 47% of people in this country taking government help are accurate. Many of them are ne’er-do-wells.

Our problem is that the Federal Government is controlling most of our economy. Our problem is an ideologue named Barack Obama. We are cursed.

12 thoughts on “War On Women? How About Minorities?”

  1. You raise some good points, Bob. I have witnessed the Asian method of controlling unemployment, first hand. Some of the most successful businesses in the city where I work are owned by Asians. They do employ their own and do not rely on the government, local, state, or federal, to help them out.

    I keep waiting for the rest of America to wake up to the fact that Barack Obama and his liberal policies are doing our country no good, but rather a lot of harm.

  2. Thanks, L.D. This was one of those posts written while watching NFL football on TV. There may have been some inconsistencies, but that Asian unemployment number just jumped out at me. Of course, we all know that those Asians didn’t bulid that.

  3. Well done, Bob. In the war on women you left out that Planned Parenthood abortions are disproportionately performed on female babies. the Asian self sufficientcy is true here as well. They work very long days and they get their financing from within the Asian community (a mafia, no doubt; but it works). They are far, far more successful than the native citizens in general.

  4. I was not aware of the female baby abortion bias. That’s scary.

    The Asian work ethic is very interesting. When our kids were taking piano lessons, we noticed that Asian kids seemed to excel, but it wasn’t necessarily talent. Their parents expected them to do well, and made them practice for hours on end.

    One of these kids worked very hard in high school, and her parents expected her to pretty much ace the SAT college entrance exams. She did not do as well as she had hoped. She told her friends that her life was ruined because she didn’t get 1600 as her older sister had.

  5. Obama admire Asians who work hard and succeed on their own? To him, that’s the worst KIND of American!
    Sorry I haven’t been around, Bob…am working full time now and it’s taking its toll, though I LOVE it…I”m BUSHED 🙂

  6. I was wondering where you have been. I know that working full time can ruin a blogging schedule. My wife retired this year, and is starting to substitute teach at her old school. The problem is that at 6:00AM every morning the telephone rings, and she has to answer it. She is trying to keep her substituting schedule down to about once per week. That way her manicures and pedicures are covered. Funny, isn’t it?

  7. I have heard that Asians are totally strict with their kids and their work ethics go way beyond the norm. They expect perfection or suffer the consequences.

    I once saw a video where the employees at a plant in Japan were expected to calisthenics before they began work for the day.

    They are motivated, I’ll give them that, and it might not intelligence but diligence. Who knows. I want to my kids to do well, but I am not going to make them feel like crap if they don’t get straight “A’s” all the time.

  8. I have read that the Japanese prefer to work within a consensus as teams. At least that is the management style they brought to America with their automobile manufacturing plants. I have also read that their kind of management leaves little room for creativity, and that’s where America excels. We are the most creative people in the world because of our individuality and capitalist economic system. If you notice Japan is not nearly as great as they were once thought to be. If we can keep idiots like Obama out of our businesses, we can still be the great country we have always been. Obama just doesn’t get it.

  9. The more minorities stay away from the likes of obama, the better off they will be. The harsh reality is that democrats like obama want to keep them as victims, never to rise above what they are and become truly independent and free citizens. Just look at blacks and how far they’ve come thanks to democrats, yeah not very far have they.

  10. For the most part, black people refuse to think about that. There is a black President, and no matter how bad the guy is. There is no President in history worse for black people than Barack Obama because he sucks all the opportunity out of the nation, and leaves the poorest of us begging. That’s the lot of the black man under Obama.

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