Do Old Folks Pass More Gas?

Yes, we do. I hate to admit it, but it is true. Some people even get the walking farts as proclaimed by Larry The Cable Guy. Life is not all roses.

A conversation arose in my household as how we treated our children about those little gaseous events. I am a big proponent of MANNERS. My parents were insistent that their children were courteous to others. If you are a advocate of farting in public, you didn’t make the grade. There was something wrong with your upbringing.

The problem comes when you have grandchildren. Suddenly, farting is funny. Yes, our children are working on manners for these little animals. Somehow, it is not as important as it use to be to for the little ones to manage their farts.

One of the impediments of teaching kids to not fart in public is grandparents. You see, we remember the agony of our kids inability to contain their gaseous effluents. It is downright funny, now. It was not funny for kids to let one a loud one go in church, or in school. Other, more lowly born children do those things.

So, you get a blog about farts instead of about the old farts running the country. I better quit, now, before my wife discovers what I have doing online.

Remember, keep your kids in line over the farting issue. Have fun with your grandkids. That’s what life is all about.

6 thoughts on “Do Old Folks Pass More Gas?”

  1. Great post, my friend! Good manners seem to be a thing of the past and that is a shame. We old farts are ashamed when we lose control.

    You might be interested in this bit of unusual Venezuelan cuiture. The word for “fart” in Spanish is “peo”. But, peo is also used to mean physical violence. For example, if some is about to do something you won’t be happy abput, you might say “si haces eso, vamos a tener un peo” ; if you do that, we are going to have a rumble (we are going to have a fart).

  2. So, while walking the streets of Caracas after a meal of rice and beans, farting can get me pummeled, err, beat-up?

    Yeah, last night I was about to write a thoughtful about the infantile minds in the world of Islam. Than, I thought, “I don’t want to be the subject of a fatwah”. That’s when I started thinking about the grandkids. I will do the fatwah eligible blog, later.

  3. lol! bob, you had me at the title! i’m already having a hard time accepting my increasing age, now i have increased fart episodes to contend with. public farting is still unacceptable in my experience. if that changes i imagine there’ll be so much more amok, noone will notice. grandkids with grandparents and gas must be a riot! i can’t lie, the kid in me looks forward to that eventual period of my life.

  4. Things certainly get different as we age. But, the kids never change. I remember when my wife and I were newly wed, out looking of for furniture at a local discount warehouse. While there, I saw a man I knew to be my Elementary School Principal. I introduced myself as a one of his former students. He said, ” I know who you are, Bobby”. I was really surprised that he remember me. I asked him if the kids were any different today, and he said they were not. They even told the same jokes. Things don’t change.

  5. I have never used the words, “Here, pull my finger” with my grandkids. But, it is getting tempting.

    It is great to have you back, MK.

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