Spring Is Over. Where Is Barack?

I don’t think I have ever seen a chief executive so reticent to take responsibility for his actions than Barack Obama. He is apparently the only person in North America who could not foresee  problems with the recent Arab Spring, so recently praised and marveled by our most ignorant President.

Protests against the United States of America in twenty-one countries belies the reason for his world tour following his coronation in 2009. The world has thrown his ignorance back into his face. He went all over the world apologizing for the slights of the nation, many of them only imagined. We cannot apologize for killing terrorists, and we cannot apologize for defending freedom around the world.

Barack Obama does not understand America. After all, he spent significant periods of time in foreign countries living as a Muslim, sucking in all the cancerous Muslim values.

I have never been a birther, and I have never questioned the upbringing of our President. It turns out that this is important. It means that Barack Obama’s little publicized upbringing is important because he is anti-freedom, anti-opportunity, anti-free market and anti-women. All this is standard Muslim stuff.

If you doubt this, I will be willing to listen to your impassioned arguments.

8 thoughts on “Spring Is Over. Where Is Barack?”

  1. Like you, I have never been a birther. However, the upbringing of Barack Obama has clearly influenced his presidency and the policies he has enacted. Anyone willing to look at him without rose-colored glasses can see that.

  2. Yeah. It’s really funny. The President of the nation goes around, pimping himself and not doing his job. Somehow, this dummy thinks that his immaculate ass is the greatest commodity in the world. He belongs in prison where his bum would be put to better use.

  3. “He is apparently the only person in North America who could not foresee problems with the recent Arab Spring…”

    Actually he has several people advisimg him in our government who think exactly like he does. Some examples would be Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Valwrrie Jarette and others. Sadly Obama and his friends, really believed that all that was necessary to change the attitude of the Muslim world toward America and to bring peace to the MiddleEast was to talk sweet love mothings in their ears and kiss a little butt and all would be well.

    His Marxist and Black radical upbringing was ingnored and buried by the lap-dog media and America is paying a horrible price as a consequence.

  4. Thanks for the perspective. From what I hear, Obama will decide on a course of action no matter what his advisers say. After all, he is the smartest guy in the room. Too bad they don’t give Harvard grads MRI tests to make sure they have some grey matter before they start destroying corporations and nations.

  5. I have only touched on the subject of his birth certificate, but with all that has happened in the States, his obvious sympathy for the Islamic nations, makes me wonder?? If in fact, he is not an American but a Muslim.

    All I know is that he has betrayed our nation too many times to count.

  6. I agree with you, Leticia. I think the man has more Muslim influence than he is willing to admit. But, like I said on Z’s blog, that horse is out of he barn. What we have now is a rogue President with no idea of the freedom that America is all about. It is time for him to go.

  7. They are burning effigies of him in the arab street now and yet he still won’t get it. They didn’t hate you because of Bush, they hated you and still hate you because of who you are.

    I doubt any liberals will get it though, so the craven ass-kissing continues.

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