What’s A President To Do With Impetuous Muslims?

Why, you apologize to them no matter how many US citizens were murdered by those fun-loving Islamic peace-nicks.

Come, now. Barack Obama made his famous apology/suck up tour right after his coronation in 2009. He bowed to every little tin-horn dictator he could find, and he kissed the ring of every Muslim potentate available. Barack did a really good butt kissing tour. He apologized to everybody he could find for real and imagined sins of the United States of America. He even kissed up to the French!

He has not apologized to the American people.

Now, he thinks we should respect his lack of effective foreign policy with malignant Muslim entities. This is not new stuff. We have known for a long time that jihad-i’s, read Al Qaeda, have power all over the Muslim world. We also know that they hate the USA and will do anything to kill or embarrass us.

Kiss-ass friends of the President have just killed four citizens of the United States of America, including the Unites States ambassador to Libya without fear of any retribution, whatsoever.  Well, maybe that isn’t true given Barack’s Chicago-like fascination of murder by Unmanned Arial Vehicles. But, that didn’t stop the jihad-i’s.

Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.“, said a high-flying, newly elected President in his suck up speech in Cairo. Obviously, his Muslim friends didn’t believe him, either. The jihai’s in Cairo made a mockery of his words this week. Barack has been pwnd by his cozy Muslim consorts.

Our President is amazed that jihad-i’s had the wherewithal to coordinate attacks on two embassies on 9/11 in two different countries. I don’t think he even realizes that the attacks were not coincidental. The poor guy is out of his league, and he is our President. We have the unappetizing task of supporting a man who doesn’t have a clue.

8 thoughts on “What’s A President To Do With Impetuous Muslims?”

  1. Oh oh! Your wife is going be all over you for thiss political post. 🙂

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton instigated the so-called Arab Spring and now are reaping what they sowed. Those two own this Arab Spring. They are responsible for everything that happened, and is happening, and what will happen in that region of the world. Although they own it, we Americans and many others who have to pay the price. Our government os in the hands of fools.

  2. I believe most of us, not all, liberals, have realized that Obama doesn’t plan on doing anything to retaliate in avenging the deaths of those four men and today two Marines.

    He said so himself that he would leave the security up to the Libyans and whats worse our Marines are NOT allowed to carry live ammunition? What the hell is this man doing to our men in uniform and those serving our nation overseas in hostile environments.

    It came to no surprise for the majority of us that something was going to happen on the anniversary of 9/11. This was strategically planned way before and from various news sites, the Obama administration was made aware of the threat and still did NOTHING! Oh wait, he did apologize to the murderers of our citizens.

    This has proven one thing, he is not a leader, he sympathizes with the enemy and doesn’t even allow our Marines to have live ammunition protecting our embassies.

  3. Funny thing, this foreign policy stuff. It looks like it is blowing up in Obama’s face and he doesn’t have a clue. Furthermore, the media is acting like he is a genius. That adds even more ignorance to the mix. How anyone can look objectively at Obama’s foreign policy and say it has been anything but an abject failure is beyond me. He has been completely played by those violent clowns in the Middle East.

  4. I don’t know where that “no live ammunition” thing came from. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember whether it was connected to our Embassy in Egypt or Libya. In either case it was stupid.

  5. The attacks could lead to the kind of scandal that gets Presidents in trouble. I would like to know what Barack knew, and when he knew it. It is rare that we get an unannounced attack. There is always somebody that was told something about it.

  6. Obama is going to do nothing about the present crisis. He doesn’t give a damn about America’s interests. The only thing that BHO cares about is consolidating his own power — and at anybody else’s expense. After all, don’t we have multiple examples of how he throws people under the bus? Well, he’s throwing American principles under the bus, too.

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