The Slavery of Social Justice

Social justice. You hear those words all the time as if they really mean something important.

Hear this. Social justice is just another term for socialism, and somebody’s desire to take what you have and deposit it into their own bank account. There is no other explanation no matter what Wikepedia says.

Wikipedia says, “Social justice is based on the concepts of human rights and equality and involves a greater degree of economic egalitarianism through progressive taxation, income redistribution, or even property redistribution.”

Social justice, like its named parent, socialism, is a depraved and failed concept. It comes from the nineteenth century, and belongs on the trash heap of failed social experiments.

As a matter of fact, the people who espouse social justice are communist lead unions like the teacher’s union in Chicago, and ne’er-do-wells like the Occupy-Whatever crowd. Intelligence is not a hallmark of these people. The teachers average about $76,000 in salaries, and the poor slobs who pay the Chicago teachers average about $44,000 in salaries. On, yeah. That makes lots of sense. Maybe it’s time for a political change in the Windy City, but the corruption may be too great for that to happen.

Today, a certain class of person on the political scene loudly proclaims a need for social justice. They would have you believe that people are being murdered out there, in the name of capitalism. We all know this is bunk, of course, but about 43% of the nation listens to these exaggerations. Those people should know better, but they are blinded by current political leaders.

I have news for all the Occupy folks and other illiterates. The world is not fair, especially if you don’t make a decent effort to contribute. Just because you majored in psychology, sociology, women’s studies, or diversity studies does not guarantee you can find a job wielding your terrific knowledge in these all important areas.

Face it. You chose to study those subjects because you could not handle any of the scientific or other rigorous programs at your university. You took the easy way out, understanding that many of those areas of major studies are only for the inept. You got screwed, and it is your fault. Live with it, or find a way to make yourself useful to society.

The only people to which social justice makes sense are Marxists. We all know what happened to all those Marxist countries. Millions of starved people, murdered people, and destroyed ecologies and economies were the result of social justice.

Social justice is the clarion call of socialism. According to history, socialism is slavery.

4 thoughts on “The Slavery of Social Justice”

  1. An excellent essay, Bob. Really well done! Progressivism, which leads to Liberalism, which leads to Socialis, which leads to Marxist communis,, which leads to misery and death to the many and riches for the few, has always depended on conninbg the ignorant with nice sounding words like “social equality” amd Obama’s latest contribution, “shared prosperity”. Their ideals of equality always end up meaning everyone is equally miserable and poor. Sadly, the ignorant are a growing part of our population and that is by design of our corrupted education system. The children of the elite areeducated to be the leaders of tomorrow. Everyone else are educated to be followers. Some escape. But only a few.

  2. Thanks, Jim. I appreciate your comments and ideas.

    It is a bitter end to which we come. This nation started as an example to the world of individual freedom and limited government. The nation grew and became not only the world’s example for free people, but also the example of how to encourge people to use their talents and efforts to grow wealth. With a know-nothing leader like Obama, all this is in danger of ending, and we will be just another stinkhole of social and physical misery.

  3. We had the discussion in our house just a few nights ago about what social justice really meant. Having never really discussed this specifically, David and I discovered how clearly we saw the same thing….leading to a Marxist existence. Everyone knows that calling anyone “communist” is an offense, but too many people don’t know what the meaning of socialism is and they don’t know their world history. What is currently taught in public HS that is called “World History,” is very lacking in teaching principles of politics and government. Our children learned a lot more about this around our dinner table than they ever learned in school. Too many families no longer have dinner-time conversations, or they talk about trivia… It’s a sad commentary to our lack of appreciation for the freedom we possessed. Yes, past tense. We’ve lost so much and most Americans don’t seem to have a clue. Everything seems to be about the latest sound bite and what is or isn’t politically correct.

  4. It is interesting that leftists are brave enough, now. to bandy about those kinds of words. You are right, people today don’t know what communism or socialism means. We have a good half of the country living in ignorance, and thinking they can think. Give David my regards. Hope to see ya’ll, soon.

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