Greedy Chicago Teachers To Strike! reports that the teachers in the third largest school system in the country will go on strike Monday morning. The system is composed of over 600 elementary and high schools, serving over 400,000 students.

The 30,000 teachers and support employees will shut down the entire system in spite of the school board offer of a 16% raise over four years. This is much more than many school systems across the nation can expect.  The Fulton County, GA teacher haven’t had a raise in five years, but they still do their job, even with continued lay-offs and furloughs cutting into their income.

The City of Chicago is in financial trouble like other large cities, and the teachers are going on strike. This will put over 400,000 children on the streets with nothing to do in a city with one of the worst crime rates in the nation. This year 346 people have been murdered so far, while burglaries and other crimes are skyrocketing in the Windy City.

Inner city public schools in Chicago are some of the worst in the nation. The occasional charter school will be open, but the vast majority of those inner city kids are the big losers.

This action by the school teachers says to the at risk students and their parents, “Screw you!”

This highlights the fact that teacher unions have nothing to do with education. They are all about enriching the union coffers.

5 thoughts on “Greedy Chicago Teachers To Strike!”

  1. In the Army they use to say there the wrong way to do things, the right way to do things, and the Army way to do things. Well, I guess this is the Chicago Thug way of doing things. A 16% raise over four years??? I wonder who Mayor Enmanuel was planning to rob to pay for that? I like what Romney said recently: “We are not for the big teachers ubions. We are for the students!”

  2. The whole thing is incomprehensible to me unless you look at it in terms of money and greed. I feel no sympathy for teachers that haven’t had a raise in a while. My wife is one of those. I do feel sorry for the kids and their parents. The teachers unions are killing education in the country.

  3. Greedy people! Omigosh! It goes to show you that they care more about the money than they do about their students. Many of us have gone without raises due to the economy, that’s just how it is.

    There are many young, eager teachers, that are currently looking for work, let them go to Chicago and take the places of the teachers protesting. Union or no union. The kids need to be in school. And this is a terrible example they are setting.

  4. My wife spent over 30 years teaching in public schools. The one thing that kept her going was that she loved what she did. Now, she is not stupid, and like everyone else, wanted to be compenstated well for what she did. The last five years have been tough for teachers here in the Atlanta area. Schools are funded primarily by county property taxes, and some contribution by the state goverment. With tax revenues down in the county, and tax revenues down at the state level, teachers took it in on the chin income wise. However, we all recognize reality, and thank God for whatever we have. Apparently, the teachers in Chicago not only do a miserable job, but they don’t care about the kids, either, as long as they get their pay checks, Get used to it. This is Obama’s America.

  5. Yes, Bob, sadly, at this moment, it is Obama’s America. And I hope many people will change that this November, or we are going to see a lot worse.

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