Month: September 2012

Washington, D.C. As A State?

Heck no! That’s all that should be said, but I need to chew on this a while to see if I am advocating the right thing.

The crux of the argument for D.C. statehood is that the citizens living there are not represented fully in the nation’s Congressional assemblies. That is true. They have a place-holder kind of Congressman, but that Representative does not have voting privileges.  At first look, these people are being deprived of their some of their rights.

However, the real politics of the situation is that the fifty states will not allow another state to be added to the Union.  Those same people who are being deprived of their rights, now, would be over-represented, diluting the rights of others.

Making Washington D.C. a state sounds like the fair thing to do. I don’t agree that making things fair is the goal of the Constitution. Being fair is always a subjective thing. The word, fair, is not even used in the entire Constitution. The job of the Constitution is to accord the same rights to everybody, but this sometimes cannot happen in the real world. That is why the Constitution allows the Congress power in these issues. The solution would be political, and the Congress is all about politics.

Plus, there is just something wrong with the idea that Washington, D.C. is a very large city whose primary sustenance comes from the taxpayers of the nation, and the recipients of that tax money might have a say in who and how the taxing is done. It is a fact that Washington, DC is the richest city in the nation. Most people there are tax-takers, not tax-payers.

The current situation is not going to change. You can talk all you want about those tiny New England states, and sparsely populated western states wielding the same power as much larger states in the US Senate. It is what it is, and it is not about to change given the current arrangement.

The impasse is a political reality, and will stay that way unless we decide to reconfigure all of the states.

To achieve this, we would have to have people decide how many states there would be. For example, Texas could easily divide into at least five separate states. California could be a half-dozen or more. Georgia, Tennessee, and other states have natural constituencies in their geographical confines. Many other states have similar population and cultural divides.

The US Congress would be a lot larger than now, but there is no reason why we could not achieve a relatively even distribution of rights across the country. All we have to do is change the current Constitution.

My plan is just a quirky, back of the envelope look at something. But, unless we change the current system, those folks in Washington, D.C. will never have their rights due under our Constitution. On the other hand, maybe we should permanently enjoin those people from voting if they make their living as a government employee.

Could you go for that?

Should Convicted Felons Be Allowed To Vote?

Your answer to this question depends on your race, ethnic background, cultural heritage, and whether you got enough sleep last night. Everybody has an opinion

In today’s Washington Post there is a story about the NAACP (National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People) running to the United Nations ( Oh, my!) to squeal on us for some states not allowing felons to vote. Now, the twist is that most states don’t allow felons to vote, but most restore that right after a person has served out their time.

The states that do not restore these rights are Florida, Iowa, Kentucky and Virginia. These states are highly contested battle ground states, and activist organizations like the NAACP know full well that most of the felons in and out of prison in these states can make the difference in this Presidential election if they vote for the Democrat.

Thugs traditionally vote for the Democrat candidate. Strange, isn’t it? The common ground between felons and the Democrat Party is corruption. Think, “Birds of a feather…”, and all that.

OK. The NAACP says the whole thing is racist, but that’s not necessarily so. It just happens that most people in some jails are black, but not because they are black.

There is no evidence of racism to support that thesis. What we have is a statistical correlation, and there is no evidence of racial discrimination that puts these people in their situation. Witness the millions of successful black entrepreneurs, academics, and professionals who are doing well by anyone’s standards.

How did they stay out of jail? We don’t read about their statistics. There are lots of very successful black people in the USA.

Race is seen in almost every facet of life, but that in itself is not racist. We all know it when we see a black person, or a white person, or a person with Asian features. Recognizing these things is not racist. It is natural, and we should rejoice in our differences and likenesses.

The NAACP will see race in everything, therefore everything is racist. That is how they raise money. If your only living is made by going around screaming, “Racism!”, “Racism!”, that is what you will do.

The question was, “Should convicted felons be allowed to vote?” My answer is, no.

However, once a person has paid their debt to society, they should be invited back to live like the rest of us, with a complete set of rights.

The funny thing about this situation is that if the laws were different in those states under discussion, those felons that become ex-convicts would probably not vote, anyway.

Well, maybe they would if somebody paid them. Nah! That could never happen in the Democrat Party.

War On Women? How About Minorities?

Who said there is a war on women. Certainly, Sandra Fluke needs help affording her claimed condom expenses of $3,000 per year. It sure seems to me that she could ask a few of her lovers to help out on their mutual activities.

So, where does this war on women come from? There is not a woman in America who is cut off from access to birth control or health care. If you are a poor college student in a top rated university as Ms Fluke, you get as many free condoms are you want. Plus, you get free healthcare and psychiatric care at many of these colleges and universities.

In Ms Fluke’s case she has transcended reality. In her apparent wealth and sponsorship in the rarefied atmosphere and echo chambers of one of America’s top universities, Ms Fluke has no clue about what’s going on in the real world.

The real war against women is that they are being tossed on the streets because they, too, are losing their jobs. Women’s unemployment numbers are not improving.

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

unemployment rates for adult men (7.6 percent), adult women (7.3 percent), teenagers (24.6 percent), whites (7.2 percent), blacks (14.1 percent), and Hispanics (10.2 percent) showed little or no change in August. The jobless rate for Asians was 5.9 percent

So, there really is a jobs war on against blacks and Hispanics. Who does Obama think he is kidding? So far, he is kidding everybody and people haven’t figured it out.

So it goes in America. The people get bupkus, while the politicians get rich and ram programs down our throats to make it so. Obama Care, carbon taxes, universal birth control and abortions head-line the show.

What about the 14.1% black unemployment rate? Does that mean nothing to the NAACP, the self-appointed watch dog group for black people in America? What does it mean to America’s black population? Is it true that all black people will vote for Obama because he is black, and has yet to do anything meaningful for black people? That sure sounds racist to me. It sounds like it is OK to screw black people as long as you are black.

One of the most energetic groups of people in the nation are our Hispanic citizens. Yet, the unemployment rate for Hispanics in this country is 10.2 %. It is not getting any better, and will not as long as Barack Obama is in office.

Notice that Barack Obama has not made an issue of Asians in this country. That’s because Asians have enough sense to stick together, sponsor each other in business, and not depend on the Federal Government. We all know local Asian people that own a chain of laundries, or restaurants. They will hire their own family to build on success for their families.

The unemployment rate for Asians is at 5.9%. You can bet that any head of a Chinese, Korean, or other southeast Asian family will not tolerate their adult children to go unemployed. They will find something for them to do.

Waiting for the Federal Government to do something about a job for yourself is a fool’s game. Mitt Romney’s comments about  the 47% of people in this country taking government help are accurate. Many of them are ne’er-do-wells.

Our problem is that the Federal Government is controlling most of our economy. Our problem is an ideologue named Barack Obama. We are cursed.

Do Old Folks Pass More Gas?

Yes, we do. I hate to admit it, but it is true. Some people even get the walking farts as proclaimed by Larry The Cable Guy. Life is not all roses.

A conversation arose in my household as how we treated our children about those little gaseous events. I am a big proponent of MANNERS. My parents were insistent that their children were courteous to others. If you are a advocate of farting in public, you didn’t make the grade. There was something wrong with your upbringing.

The problem comes when you have grandchildren. Suddenly, farting is funny. Yes, our children are working on manners for these little animals. Somehow, it is not as important as it use to be to for the little ones to manage their farts.

One of the impediments of teaching kids to not fart in public is grandparents. You see, we remember the agony of our kids inability to contain their gaseous effluents. It is downright funny, now. It was not funny for kids to let one a loud one go in church, or in school. Other, more lowly born children do those things.

So, you get a blog about farts instead of about the old farts running the country. I better quit, now, before my wife discovers what I have doing online.

Remember, keep your kids in line over the farting issue. Have fun with your grandkids. That’s what life is all about.

Mellow Out, Lay Back, Remember The Good Times

Yep. Remember the good times because you won’t see anymore for a long time. Barack Obama has guaranteed that we will be less prosperous, less employed, less healthy, and less secure than at any time in the last century. Barack Obama is the Force of Ruin.

So here we are, standing at a crossroads in American history with more people getting money from the Federal Government than those who pay into the system.  We are crossing the Great Divide. We have a choice of becoming a nation of welfare sponges like the United Kingdom, or remaining the towering vision of freedom and wealth that our founding fathers envisioned.

Because of Barack Obama, our future is in doubt.

Obama can be called Hooverian, or Carteresque. Like Herbert Hoover, Barack Obama inherited a bad situation, mostly from his party’s policies. Whatever actions he has taken since have been wrong. He was dead wrong, and we are the ones strapped to the guillotine to pay for his sins.

Economically, his stimulus program produced almost no measurable jobs. A little investigation tells you why. Huge sums of money were used to clean up debt from various city balance sheets, union controlled transit companies, and just plain ignorant state and local government projects. Nobody will remember, but I said a long time ago that there was no such thing as “shovel ready jobs”. The shovels were for the mountains of money being thrown about to the politically favored.

As an example, the City of Philadelphia received one billion dollars in stimulus funds. Of that, most of the money was used to pay down the debt of local transit companies (SEPTA and City of Philadelphia Transit). Of course, this didn’t produce one job, but it did keep those inefficient companies from going bankrupt. Instead, we paid off over five hundred billion dollars in debt, and kept those over paid union workers on the job. How about that for a cool payoff?

The same story was repeated over and over across the nation. Corrupt city officials got a big payday. That is Democrat politics for you. It is called, “screw you, citizens”.

Then we have the Obama care debacle. Here we have a plan, and subsequent set of laws, that gives every citizen healthcare, whether they want it or not. Every rating agency comes up with the following analysis. The program will deliver healthcare to more people, who will pay significantly more for that care, get less care than before, and at a lower quality. This is just more of Obamanomics, “screw you , citizens”.

With all this economic disruption going on, you would think there was some planning involved.  Well, the first part of the Democrat plan is to NOT HAVE A BUDGET! If  there were a budget the Democrats would have to explain why they cannot stick to the plan.

How about Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve? Here is another Obama “watch the pea under the shell” game. All this means that Obama’s Administration will buy bad mortgages and other non-performing assets from the books of the big banks. Doing this should make more money available to loan. Sorry, I don’t think it will happen to much extent.

I hate to tell you this, but the real interest rates for banks are at zero, now. Banks do not have to pay for the money they borrow. There is lots of money to loan. The problem is that the economy sucks. It’s jobs, stupid!

Guess who will wind up paying off those mortgages?

Screw you, citizens.

Spring Is Over. Where Is Barack?

I don’t think I have ever seen a chief executive so reticent to take responsibility for his actions than Barack Obama. He is apparently the only person in North America who could not foresee  problems with the recent Arab Spring, so recently praised and marveled by our most ignorant President.

Protests against the United States of America in twenty-one countries belies the reason for his world tour following his coronation in 2009. The world has thrown his ignorance back into his face. He went all over the world apologizing for the slights of the nation, many of them only imagined. We cannot apologize for killing terrorists, and we cannot apologize for defending freedom around the world.

Barack Obama does not understand America. After all, he spent significant periods of time in foreign countries living as a Muslim, sucking in all the cancerous Muslim values.

I have never been a birther, and I have never questioned the upbringing of our President. It turns out that this is important. It means that Barack Obama’s little publicized upbringing is important because he is anti-freedom, anti-opportunity, anti-free market and anti-women. All this is standard Muslim stuff.

If you doubt this, I will be willing to listen to your impassioned arguments.

Intelligence, Whither Thou Goest?

When I was in High School, I thought that people’s appearance could tell their life’s story. Think about it. High School is so socially stratified that if you aren’t in with the control group, you are not cool. I was just a nerd who had to work at various jobs after school, and I wasn’t cool. Of course, this is tantamount to saying I was stupid. I was only glad to show them otherwise.

Lots of those control kiddies never grew up. They went onto become hippies, lawyers, and school teachers. They set themselves in positions to ruin lots of lives, but mentally they were still in High School.

These are the kids who are now in the climate science alarmist, Chicken Little – “The sky is falling!”crowd, and they couldn’t be more serious. You must believe in their ideas, or you are nothing. Indeed you are denying something which to them is the basic truth in nature, whether they are intelligent enough to look at the science or not.

The Sky Is Falling crowd calls skeptics of extreme climate change, deniers. This is a direct allusion to the deniers of the holocaust, and says more about the alarmist than the climate skeptic.

You see, there is no empirical scientific evidence that the seas will rise a hundred feet in the next one hundred years, or that storms and droughts will become more common place because of global warming. I repeat, their evidence is un-scientific and it makes you wonder how they were duped into believing these ideas.

How were they duped? That’s an easy answer. They duped themselves.

You see, many of those cool High School students weren’t in the intelligent set, anyway. They would buy any story or scenario that they thought they understood, and made them feel wanted. Climate alarmism is tailor made to make sub-standard intellects feel smart. It just works out that way.

Climate Alarmism is one way that the less mentally endowed person can feel cool.

So, when you hear someone call a relatively intelligent person a denier, know that something is wrong with the accuser. Chances are that the accuser is denying reality, and thinks they are back in High School.

You see, I can handel being called a denier. My Jewish friends know better. They know the real me. However, the out of sorts climate alarmist has to depend on an army of like minded people, and it is astounding how shallow those minds really are.

Think, High School, when you hear about climate science.

What’s A President To Do With Impetuous Muslims?

Why, you apologize to them no matter how many US citizens were murdered by those fun-loving Islamic peace-nicks.

Come, now. Barack Obama made his famous apology/suck up tour right after his coronation in 2009. He bowed to every little tin-horn dictator he could find, and he kissed the ring of every Muslim potentate available. Barack did a really good butt kissing tour. He apologized to everybody he could find for real and imagined sins of the United States of America. He even kissed up to the French!

He has not apologized to the American people.

Now, he thinks we should respect his lack of effective foreign policy with malignant Muslim entities. This is not new stuff. We have known for a long time that jihad-i’s, read Al Qaeda, have power all over the Muslim world. We also know that they hate the USA and will do anything to kill or embarrass us.

Kiss-ass friends of the President have just killed four citizens of the United States of America, including the Unites States ambassador to Libya without fear of any retribution, whatsoever.  Well, maybe that isn’t true given Barack’s Chicago-like fascination of murder by Unmanned Arial Vehicles. But, that didn’t stop the jihad-i’s.

Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.“, said a high-flying, newly elected President in his suck up speech in Cairo. Obviously, his Muslim friends didn’t believe him, either. The jihai’s in Cairo made a mockery of his words this week. Barack has been pwnd by his cozy Muslim consorts.

Our President is amazed that jihad-i’s had the wherewithal to coordinate attacks on two embassies on 9/11 in two different countries. I don’t think he even realizes that the attacks were not coincidental. The poor guy is out of his league, and he is our President. We have the unappetizing task of supporting a man who doesn’t have a clue.