Ann Romney – Classy Lady

picture of Ann Romney
Ann Romney – Classy Lady

The Republican National Convention has revealed to the nation a classy lady in the person of Ann Romney. She is a gracious, lovely person who loves her husband enough to make a speech before twenty-thousand delegates at the convention, and millions more in the television audience. The speech was powerful and convincing.

One political problem is that Ann Romney looks like what people expect rich people to be. She looks good, speaks well, and has that grace you expect from ladies of means. Ann Romney was not always rich, nor was her husband, Mitt Romney. Even though Mitt’s father, former Michigan governor George Romney, was a wealthy, self-made man, Mitt benefited most in terms of his educational opportunities. Mitt’s wealth is the result of his own work.

Both Ann’s and Mitt’s families were immigrants. That is one reason why the Romney family is so enthusiastic about the future of our nation. They know what freedom means, and they know when we have leaders in Washington who are disconnected with the citizenry and history.

Ann Romney successfully mirrored her love of our nation to her audience last night. She came across as genuine, and she is.

What Ann didn’t talk about were her personal challenges with cancer and multiple sclerosis. MS is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. It gets progressively worse, and Ann Romney shows her personal courage in the way she does not talk about her problems.

Mitt Romney doesn’t talk about his problems, nor does he talk about his charitable works. Ann Romney brought that message home with the following statement, “Mitt doesn’t like to talk about how he has helped others because he sees it as a privilege, not a political talking point.”  These words ring true because the current occupant in the White House is stuck on the first person, singular in his speeches. There is a stark contrast in personalities and style.

Mrs Romney did her husband and the Republican Party proud, last night. It was a speech that many will remember for a long time. She is that good.

4 thoughts on “Ann Romney – Classy Lady”

  1. Ann romney did a remakable job last night. As a man, I couldn’t judge how well she was doing on advancing the message that Republicans and most certainly her husband are not anti-women. I thought she got off to a rocky start but then he hit her stride and i agree she will be a classy first lady and there is nothing wrong with that. I especially liked the way she sure Mitt and she had been successful and the were rightfully proud of their success. She is the real thing!

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