New York Shooting; Lance Armstrong; Republican National Convention

New York Shooting

I turned on Fox News Channel this morning and learned of the shooting in New York City. New York Mayor Bloomberg was describing the tragedy in which two people were killed and another nine people wounded.

The shooter was fired from his job last year, and decided to kill the guy that fired him. After taking care of the first piece of this business, he encountered some policemen. The shooter and the cops entered into a gun battle. The shooter was killed, and several people were wounded in the ensuing shootout.

It is thought that some of the people wounded by police bullets.

This was not a random shooting. The killer planned it. Since New York City has laws against buying guns the killer, Jeffery Johnson, should not have had a gun. It seems that once again, gun laws don’t work.

Lance Armstrong

The most famous cyclist in the world, Lance Armstrong, has decided to no longer fight the accusations of the USADA  (United States Anti-Doping Agency) who claim that Armstrong, seven time winner of the prestigious  Tour de France, took performance enhancing drugs or substances.

The USADA has not offered proof of any indiscretion of Armstrong. Instead they say that several of Armstrong’s team mates are prepared to testify against him, even though there is no record of him testing positive for any substance in his long career. With so many wins in a grueling sport like cycling, it is no wonder that people are suspicious.

In my opinion the USADA is being high-handed in their accusations, convicting Armstrong with press releases instead of revealing real evidence. We all know that you can get some people to say anything, and Lance Armstrong feels this is what is happening.

The reason Armstrong is giving up the fight is that it is all-consuming, and expensive. If he is guilty that is one thing. To accuse someone without revealing the evidence is wrong. Maybe the truth will come out one day, but I am not going to hold my breath waiting for the USADA to reveal anything concrete.

The Republican National Convention

You can just hear the jokes, now. With tropical storm Isaac, soon to become hurricane Isaac, threatening the Tampa Bay area and the Republican National Convention, the terms “big blow”, “all wet”,”and “blowout” all come to mind. Ordinarily, it would be funny if the proceedings of this convention were not so serious. The very future of our nation can very well depend on how this convention is done.

If the convention is interrupted by the storm, the Republican candidate will be operating at a disadvantage to the current White House occupant. We all watch the major party conventions not just to listen to speeches, but to become familiar with that party’s platform, and get a feel for their candidate’s character and potential. Their records will be on display, and there will be lots of publicity, both true and biased.

You can count on the coverage of the Republican Convention to be twisted. It is important that the convention be seen as planned and that weather will not be a problem. The word is that the convention organizers have plans to cope with any interruption.

One of the things being bandied about is to reverse the timing of some of the events. There is a suggestion to nominate Mitt Romney, first. This might forestall any gimmicks or tricks that the Ron Paul people may be planning to stage. Plus, it gets Romney nominated regardless of what the storm does, and leaves the rest of the convention for the regular political speeches.

7 thoughts on “New York Shooting; Lance Armstrong; Republican National Convention”

  1. It was tragic what happened in NYC and gun control would not have stopped this man from doing what he planned on doing. He was determined no matter what. Maybe if there were some private citizens that were carrying legal concealed weapons could have shot him down before he harmed anyone.

    It’s tragic that Mr. Armstrong is forever banned from France. I don’t know if he did or did not take drugs, but if he truly is innocent, shame on those who have accused him and took away his claim to fame. very sad.

    The jokes have already started about the hurricane. Not surprised by the lame remarks by the Left.

  2. Did you hear Bloomberg making swipes at “too many guns” today during the first press conference? I was thinking “Ya, let’s take ALL guns away and leave only criminals and cops with them…” what an idiot. I really saw a side of him that I’d not seen before; petulant, grandstanding, egomaniacal… he asked the press for questions “though we’ve really covered everything..” then, when they asked any questions and got “we answered that” or “I told you we don’t know that yet, we’re still investigating..” He took about 10 minutes of questions like that, answering NOTHING NEW and he knew nothing new could be answered because it was so early in the investigation but HE DID ASK FOR QUESTIONS………and used them to stay on the air looking like the big savior and making sure he got his gun control message in there a few times.

    Lance Armstrong.. well, I think they’ve talked in the past about blood tests, etc., haven’t they? Back in the day, Armstrong was always saying “I had cancer, do you think I’d risk my health by taking drugs that might affect it just to win the race?” and Mr. Z and I kind of bought that. But Mr.Z, a real cynic of the Olympics the last few years of them because of the huge amount he researched regarding doping, etc., thought Lance was probably on them (particularly when Mr. Z’s German team lost to Armstrong 🙂 Armstrong’s got the money to fight………..I wonder why he’s acquiescing.

    The only thing that disturbs me about the Republican convention being hit by weather is if the big stars literally can’t get to Tampa in time. That would REALLY mess the convention up, diminishing it if only a few who got there in time can talk. Not good. On the other hand, from what we all hear, the OWS types were ready to make a mess of the proceedings outside the convention center, etc……and it would be nice to have a hurricane rain on their damaging parade!

  3. Your perspective on Lance Armstrong is interesting. I would suppose that a good bit of the world is happy to see this happen. When my wife saw on the news what had happened, she said, “Well, he’s a jerk, anyway”. What gets me is that I haven’t read what evidence they have except for team mates willing to testify.

  4. Where I live is proof positive that making guns illegal obly emboldens the criminals.

    I have trouble believing that Armstrong used drugs. Don’t they regularily test for drugs in the Tour de France? I think so.

    My guess is that the RNC will be fine.

  5. I agree about the convention. However, I have always wondered about Armstrong. Winning seven times without being caught doping, and being the most watched cyclist in the world, would mean to me that he is most likely innocent. But, what do I know?

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