When Will Joe Biden Resign?

Things are getting difficult for the goofiest Vice President in history, with the possible exception of Al Gore. It is hard to out-dumb Al Gore.

The speculation is that Obama will dump Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential running mate, and add Hillary Clinton. So, how is all this going to happen? What excuse will Obama make for picking such an idiot for a VP in the first place?

Remember, you heard it here, first.

I believe that Joe Biden will announce an illness he has been suffering, and will resign based on health reasons. His reasons may be alcoholism, drug addiction, or some obscure illness that sounds plausible. At any rate, everybody knows that Obama cannot win with Joe Biden. The nation is learning what many of us have known for a long time. Joe Biden doesn’t know enough to get out of the rain, but he is a good liar.

After Biden resigns in the next two weeks, Obama will appoint Hillary Clinton as Vice President, at which point she becomes the natural Vice Presidential running mate for Obama.

Hillary brings her own set of problems to the race.

First, she is smarter than Barack Obama. Second, she is meaner than a rattle snake. She will draw attention to herself. Obama will not like that.

This is what the Democrats have to do to win. They need somebody able to lie with the best, perform well in a televised debate, and is intelligent. Hillary fills all those qualifications.

6 thoughts on “When Will Joe Biden Resign?”

  1. I believe you are correct. Biden has been nothing but a huge whopping mess! One bad speech after another, and most of them beyond ignorant.

    However, I don’t believe Hilary is up to the challenge, but she is such a greedy and underhanded as Obama, they might make a great team, but then the rivalry will start and they will try to outdo one another.

    Good call, let’s see when Biden withdrawals.

  2. Hillary would never allow herself to be VP….she loves power and has a great deal more as SofS. Good VP’s never leave office with much memory of them having served. As SofS, she will long be remembered, for anything good she does, anything bad she does, a lot of stuff she might have said. Dick Cheney is only remembered by the Left for having accidentally shot someone. His intelligence and knowledge have been pushed aside. Hillary would never allow herself to be forgotten.

  3. The man is a heartbeat away from being the Presdent. That’s scary. We can’t let the Democrats put us in this kind of danger, again.

  4. I read this morning that Obama has sent Biden back out onto the campaign trail. See THIS.

    IMO, this step of sending Biden back out is proof that Obama is desperate. After all, even some black Dems have now endorsed Paul Ryan.

    I hope to see Biden and Ryan debate. Just the visual contrast is going to be gratifying. Biden will look as if he’s ready for the nursing home, and when he opens his mouth, Biden will prove that he does need confinement.

  5. ” that he does need confinement.”… That’s funny! I have always wondered how Biden got away with his dumb statements. It is probably the MSM that gives him a free press.

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