New Dell Laptop

My Toshiba laptop computer of three years has developed a flaky display. When the display  goes out, you lose your work if you are using a web-based service. Incidentally, I use the built-in editor in WordPress to write my blogs, and when the display would go out, it would dump the browser and all my work.


Now that we are approaching go-back-to-school time, sales abound in clothes and computers. Plus, if you are a legitimate college student, you can find some really good deals.

I am a legitimate college student for the last three years, taking courses at a local technical college. There are some very cool deals out there like the one at Dell.

At Dell’s website, if a documented student picks one of several laptop computers, Dell throws in an XBOX 360. Yep, I have my new Dell 15R computer, now, and the XBOX will arrive in a few weeks. I am making big plans for the game box and my grandson. Oh, the price was right, too!

I was busy all day yesterday getting familiar with the new laptop, and today, I will start moving files from the old Toshiba to the new Dell. The decision becomes, do I move all the data in my old Documents directory to the Dell at one time, or do I move it selectively, one document directory at a time?

I have data and programs from three years of technical college. This includes programs from three Java programming courses, PHP programs, Flash programs, and notes and assignments from many other courses. You never can tell what you will need. It is kind of like cleaning out your garage. How could you ever throw away those old car license tags?

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Ya’ll have a good day, and I will get busy organizing my new computer companion.

2 thoughts on “New Dell Laptop”

  1. What a fantastic deal!! Hmmm….maybe I should go back to school. Congrats on the Xbox that is coming your way, you will enjoy it.

  2. Thanks. I have my documents transferred over, but I still have lots of software to load. I develop web pages, and load my laptop with lots of stuff. A lot of the time, you have to go to the client’s address to do work. Thank God most of the stuff is free!

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