65% Of Democrats Favor Gay Marriage

From Pew Research:

Percentage of populations favoring gay marriage:

Democrats – 65% (2008 – 50%)

Independents – 51% (2008 – 44%)

Republicans – 24% (2008 – 19%)

The referenced Pew research polls show that favorability of gay marriage has increased substantially over the last four years (2008 to 2012).

The gap between Republicans and Democrats has widened, and so has the gap between Republicans and Independents. Politically, this would suggest that the Republicans suppress talk about gay marriage during the election, but I doubt that will happen.

One speculation in the Pew article is that the reason for the increased tolerance of gay marriage may have to do with a more tolerant attitude toward homosexuality in general. This has apparently taken place over a long period of time, and not just in the last four years.

My purpose for publishing this information is not to get the same old arguments going about gay vs straight, but to ask the question, “Should Republicans make a big deal of the Democrats new policy of advocating gay marriage in the Presidential election?”

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “65% Of Democrats Favor Gay Marriage”

  1. In answer to your question….I don’t think that the GOP should make a big deal about this matter — except to take a strong stand in defense of the First Amendment, which clearly does allow for individuals to speak out against gay marriage.

  2. I agree. With the polls looking the way they are, pushing for a Constitutional Amendment would be detrimental to the cause. Thanks.

  3. Good question, Bob. First, let me say I don’t trust Pew Research eben a little bit. Their polls always favor the Democrats. Seconfly, a lot of people will respond to interviews with what they think is politically correct while inside they feel very differently. Think about how many blacks we have in this country, who in general are anti-gays, and all of the Catholics and Evangelico Christians and Mulslims we hane in this country. sso, to answer your question, no, Republicans do not need to make an issue othis. The Democrats are doing just fine on their own. I think this will backlash on the Democrats.

  4. To me, understanding polls is like handling a wet bar of soap, it’s hard to get a handle on it. In the Pew poll, Democrats are oversampled, but they do some arm waving to equalize the components. At any rate, it seemed to me that there is a gulf between the Republican view, and much of the rest of the electorate. If we make a big issue of gay marriage, it could backfire. Your idea is probably the best. Let the backlash take place with the Democrats pushing the issue.

  5. I believe the Republicans should take a stand in supporting what the GOP has always supported, traditional values and not to stray from that stance. It is vital to the party.

  6. I understand what you are saying, Leticia, but if the Pew numbers are anywhere near accurate, the Rep’s may lose votes of some independents.

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