Hey, Diddle Diddle…

NOAA and NASA have been diddling the temperature readings. This is not a surprise to anyone, but nobody outside science will understand what is going on. Now, there is research showing just how much bias the temperature data diddling at NOAA causes.

It is not easy to measure temperature. It takes a lot more thought than just mounting a thermometer outside your kitchen window, or even using one of those little consumer electronic weather stations. You see, when you are measuring temperature in thousands of places, you need to have a few rules on where the thermometers are placed, plus how and when they are read.

Anthony Watts, proprietor of Watts Up With That announced a new study in preparation, and posted it on the internet for comment and review. Some mistakes were discovered, and Anthony has pulled the paper back until he and his co-authors can get everything straight. It is a laudable process, and helps the authors perfect their hypothesis prior to publication.

Watts found that about half of the warming in the last thirty years is a mirage. The problem is with the data base being polluted by badly placed thermometers, and less than a third of the sites in the USA are capable of giving accurate temperature readings. Temperature stations in urban areas and at airports give readings so far from accurate that they are worthless.

When you take out the badly sited temperature stations, there is little heating to be seen in the raw data. Is there a conspiracy going on? Why does NOAA diddle the data? It seems that most of the their adjustments cause the world to look warmer.

Kool-Aide climate jockeys rely on the idea that the United States is only about two percent of the land area in the world. However, the US also has a very high percentage of the measurement stations, therefore a high percent of the data is from the US. Take into account that temperature history in other countries is not as good as that in the US, you have a pretty good case for throwing out all climate studies relying on surface temperature data.

The USA is not alone with government scientists diddling the temperature data. There has been a lawsuit in New Zealand about the same thing. Australia, too has badly augmented temperature data.

It’s all for the money. The Australian government recently enacted a horrendous carbon tax on their citizens, and it was this kind of diddled data that contributed to the government’s case. Aussies are being taxed because of the climate mirage. Our EPA is now regulating carbon dioxide emissions, and will fine those who are outside their recommendations. This, too, is a tax.

Remember, it is your government that is diddling the data. What do you think we should do about it?

2 thoughts on “Hey, Diddle Diddle…”

  1. This global warming gerfuffle is really anoying. Every other day there is a new report confirming the warming and the next day theres a new report disproving the warming. I have reached the point of so what? If the planet is warming we better learn how to live with it because the alternative isn’t what I would call living.

  2. The argument is not about the science. Indeed, I think it is part of the Agenda 21 thing, and those who advocate do not hesitate to lie. It is scary.

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