High Definition TV

Three years ago we bought a forty-seven inch high definition LCD screen television for our den. We love it, and cannot imagine watching standard NTSC television.

Do you remember all the hoopla over the previous decade about the government forcing the termination of regular television signals? I was among the many people griping and bitching about this overbearing move.  However, it never had an affect on my television watching as I was a cable tv customer, and they did all the conversion for me.

We still had an old fashioned, seventeen inch CRT type television in our bedroom. The ATT Uverse box converted the digital signals to analog to satisfy the ancient little television.

picture of high definition televisionLast week we decided that it was time to upgrade the bedroom tv, and bought an off-brand television from Brandsmart for less than $250.00. It is a thirty-two inch high definition television with 720p HDTV format and an LED screen. Note that most thirty-two inch sets came with 720p, not the desired 1080p. The LED screen is brighter than the bigger LCD screen downstairs, and the picture is beautiful. It was made in China.

The good news is that now, we have a nice high definition television in our bedroom for late night and early morning viewing.

The bad news is that we, the United States of America, invented high definition television and have to buy devices made in Asia to enjoy our labors.

Yeah. I know that this story is repeated many times with pretty much any consumer grade electronic device. We don’t manufacture much of anything, anymore. The base problem is that the American worker (if you can find one) will not work for a wage that is competitive around the world. It is getting to the point that we will have to start outsourcing our defense manufacturing. I sure hope that statement is wrong.

Right now, life is good with cheap televisions from China, along with Apple iPads, iPods, and Apple computers coming from the same place.

So, what is left for us to do in the world economy? Any ideas? Anybody?

4 thoughts on “High Definition TV”

  1. what’s left? To be an average country that’s not exceptional. I don’t WANT to BUY CHINESE anymore……but that’s about all there is! I just had emailed to me yet again an article about how we’re bringing Chinese companies to build bridges HERE……whatever happened to Obama’s SHOVEL READY? Where did that money go? WHY aren’t we employing US?
    What’s he got against OUR SUCCESS? !!
    I need to get a TV, too…….upstairs’ TV is getting darker and darker!

  2. “upstairs’ TV is getting darker and darker!”

    Which upstairs, the maid’s room or the butler’s abode?

    Free Chinese bridges? Just what we need, more bridges to nowhere.

  3. You raise an important question, Bob. I wish I were smart to have the answer. As a stalwart free marketer, ishould be in favor of free trade agreements. But, somehow they seem to work against us. Wages are a factor , of course. But our workare much more productive in general. Taxes and regulations are a that other countries don’t have, works against us too. We should study what Germany has done to keep their manufacturing sector from gong to other countries.

  4. You are correct. I should have remembered the confiscatory taxes to which US businesses are subjected when exporting, and the advantages other nations give their wealth producers. It all comes down to government policies. Usually, it comes down to bad policy.

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