What’s For Breakfast?

Sans the political and economic stuff, I am focused on one thing, lately. Breakfast.

Left to my own devices, I am a bacon, egg, grits/hash browns guy. The medical community doesn’t like me to eat pork sausage, so I rely on bacon for generous doses of fat. Gotta love that fat.

Now, if you are of the Yankee or uncultured persuasion, you may not have had proper exposure to hominy grits. I don’t know how the hominy stuff comes into play, but if all you do is boil some water and dump in the grits, it will taste pretty much like cardboard. It is kind of like the plantains found on Caribbean islands, which also tastes like cardboard. You really have to add the spices for that stuff.

This is why grits are always served with generous gobs of butter, or even with cheese is cooked into the dish. Also, bacon bits can help immensely. Shrimp and grits is a popular entre at many fine restaurants. It is amazing how good simple hominy grits can be.

The docs don’t like me eating grits, either.

I have been experimenting with turkey sausage. The Jimmy Dean brand is good stuff, but has about 900  milligrams of sodium per serving. The Kroger brand tastes just as good, with a good bit less salt. Either way, there is too much sodium in the bacon/sausage replacements to consider for a healthy breakfast.

Morningstar soy sausage is actually good stuff, and a pattie with an English muffin is one of my preferred substitutions for eggs and bacon. They are pretty expensive per pattie, but are acceptable ingredient wise.

My breakfast preferences break down, here. I used to like fruit and cereal, but my nutritionist doesn’t. The fruit is OK, but cereal is all carbohydrates.

I am on the make for breakfasts. I need a better list. What is you favorite healthy breakfast? The medical profession is out to ruin my life, and I need some help.

10 thoughts on “What’s For Breakfast?”

  1. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!

    I prefer grits to hash browns — probably because Mom never fixed hash browns. Maybe Dad didn’t like them.

    Home fries — well that’s a different story. Love those! But as a substitute for grits.

    What is my favorite breakfast of all? Sausage gravy and biscuits! Some sausage gravy is terrible, but we have a local diner here that fixes the best sausage gravy in the world, IMO. My first splurge after this diet ends will be that sausage gravy; it comes with home fries too.

  2. Now for my favorite healthy breakfast: cottage cheese and fruit and whole grain toast without butter but WITH peanut butter. I also like certain breakfast cereals — not the sugary ones, though. Let’s see….I like shredded wheat with bran and loads of fresh fruit on top. My two favorite fruits for breakfast are blueberries and strawberries. Good peaches are hard to find, but I love those, too.

  3. I am the last person who should advise others about healthy eating. I guess I am a bit of a fatalist. I eat what I like within the confines of my budget. I am the same way about my personal security. My wife (Venezuelan)used to drive me crazy with her concerns about my safety on the streets of Venezuela. (gringos stand out) I told her that I refuse to be a prisoner in my own home and thatuntil the day that I die I intended to live. I’m pretty much the same way about food. I am not over weight only because I do displine myself on quahtity but never on quality.

  4. Sausage and biscuits are wonderful, but like I said, sausage is now off my list. There is a little place close by that focuses on biscuits, and they serve up a thick gravy with a LOT of sausage crumbled in, served on an open face biscuit. Mmmmm…

  5. I dig the fruit and cereal, especially the shredded wheat, but I just can’t get used to peanut butter on toast.

  6. Congratulation on your food discipline. I can control my eating, too, and it looks like I have to invoke old fashioned discipline. If the food is there, I will eat it. My problem is that I have gained about twenty pounds in the last couple of years, and it has to come off because I was overweight then, too.

  7. two eggs, over easy, sausage, pancakes with maple syrup (so I can dip the sausage in it!)…mmm
    Or two eggs over easy sausage and wheat toast.
    But, I do those VERY rarely! Usually it’s cereal with dried cranberries on top (like this very minute!)
    I can’t get used to peanut butter on toast, either.
    And, funnily enough, the first time I had shrimp and grits was in PARIS …friends from D.C. had brought the grits with them (they lived there, too!). We don’t eat grits in LA except at SOuthern-style restaurants but Italian rests. have POLENTA and I think that’s pretty close..and delicious!

  8. Yes, there’s polenta, and then there is hummus which is ground up chick peas. With all these foods with hum-drum backgrounds, and flavors, I don’t understand the world-wide ignorance of grits. Oh, well, we don’t have any problem getting grits in any of our stores.

    Off topic, I had a dental cleaning appointment the other day, and in the course of conversation, the hygienist asked me what made me happy. My answer, almost without thought and without any hesitation, was, cornbread. Now, you know.

  9. “The medical profession is out to ruin my life, and I need some help.”

    LOL! i love that line. i’ve only recently started eating pork bacon with eggs over soft. it is a great love affair that i don’t see ending very soon. i’ve spent the last 15 years eating turkey bacon, turkey sausage, etc. yes, morningstar makes ’em tasty. i’m also trying to eat more fruits. that’s the best i can recommend for breakfast.

  10. Yep. I think fruit is one of the best answers. As much as I love my bacon and eggs, I need to cut down on calories. Ah, the things we do to stay pretty.

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