Our Crazy World

Just in from the Indian Express (Journalism of Courage) Five Jealous Wives Rape Nigerian Man To Death!

What is our world coming to? I have a problem believing the story, much less picturing how this happened. Go ahead. Link to the story. Do you believe this, at all? Did they have to force viagra down his throat?

Is there a moral to this story? From my experience, only one jealous wife is needed to do the job, and her modus operandus would likely be a butcher knife, or 9 millimeter automatic. Forget the kill by sex thing.

Maybe that poor Nigerian with six wives was being stimulated with clubs and knives.

6 thoughts on “Our Crazy World”

  1. Well, serves him right for having six wives. I believe it could have happened, maybe they drugged the guy with Viagra, you never know.

    Well, there’s a great lesson to be learned here, polygamy can kill you.

  2. Yes, this one’s hard to picture! Maybe he was 102 or something? I know a lot of men, however, who’d say “What a way to go” 🙂

  3. Yeah. My BS alarm was off the charts on this one. But, the link COF gave us explains things pretty well. The wives confronted him about not doing his marital duties, and he set out to take care of every one of his wives that night. He didn’t make it all the way, and died, probably a happy man. You gotta respect men who recognize their duty, and commit their lives to making it happen, or something.

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