Our Best Beach Vacation, Ever

Conservatives on Fire (otherwise called, Jim) asked, “How’s the beach, Bob?”

Well, here it is!

This is the beach at Perdido Key, Florida, a barrier island on the Gulf Coast in the Florida Panhandle. It is frightfully close to Alabama . Of course, the beach is just as beautiful in one state as the other. The beaches in Alabama are reverently known as the Redneck Riviera. In the southern United States, everybody waits until the hottest time of the year to go to the beach, but we let the Yankees spend the big money in the winter months to escape their icy hells in New York, Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota.

We vacationed on a beach last year, too. It was in North Carolina on Emerald Isle, a barrier island on the Atlantic Ocean. As you can see, the beach is not quite as white as those in Florida. However, the bikinis in both places are styled perfectly.  Here is a picture of the beach at Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

The reason for the Florida beach vacation being the best is not because of the beach. The real reason is that nobody got sick, hurt, or severely sun burned. Plus, our grandchildren were with us, but their parents had the duty of running and keeping up with a two year old and an almost four year old. That, my friends, is not an easy thing to do.

Over the years, when we would go to a beach, we were always tense about our kids getting into trouble, either in the water, or other places. You know, you can’t take them anywhere!

However, our kids were always little angels at restaurants. So are our grandkids. I suppose that is because they know they are about to be fed. Kids really like to feed. The little animals are always grazing out of the refrigerator when inside, and yelling to pull into the fast food joints when on the road.

Parents are cursed to never have a free moment. Grandparents can enjoy life.

Ya’ll enjoy your summer vacations.

8 thoughts on “Our Best Beach Vacation, Ever”

  1. Yep! Being a parent is a heavy resposibility. Being a grandparent is just plain fun.

    I live a blok and a half from a beatiful beach and hardly ever make use of it. It seems the older I get, the less I like the sun.

  2. I don’t kneel whenever I come across a body of water, either. Then there’s the old joke of getting sand in your… whatever.

  3. Sounds like you all are having a great time bob, enjoy it while you can.

  4. It was a very good time. Of course, you being relatively new on the parenting scene, will someday discover that you didn’t have all the fun you paid for while raising that kid. Only when they are married and gone, will you discover the quiet and peace that come with being an empty nestor. Then, you get to play with the grandkids who are always nicer than your children were. You also don’t have to discipline them, change their diapers, or any other onerous parenting duties. You casn just enjoy, and that’s what we are learning to do.

    I have a problem with the Note. None of my computers are able to see it as a USB drive, so I cannot transfer pictures and other files. Bummer. It looks like a trip to the warranty depot.

  5. One of these days we are going to have sacrifice and save up money and take our boys to the beach. They have never seen the ocean.

    Glad you are having a fantastic time!

  6. What they miss in pleasures, now, will not hurt them. It is far more important for them to become grounded in their school and their faith. After they get old enough to afford their own vacations, they can to the beach as often as they like. I was in college before I went to a beach, and I paid for the trip our of my earnings.

  7. bob, i love this post! i’m so glad you and your family had a great beach vacation. i envy you your grandparenting-ness. looks like a great time to look forward to!

  8. Thanks for the comment. Grandparenting is a great thing. Our daughter lives only a couple of miles from us, and we have conspired to make ourselves the baby sitters of choice. You have to enjoy them when they are babies because they grow up so quickly.

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