The Evolutionism Creationary Bang

Sometimes I wonder why we sit around and argue so much about things about which we have little or no knowledge. The origin of life is one of those things, and maybe this is an appropriate discussion for a Sunday.

A lot of people agree with something called, evolution. Some people believe in creationism. Understand, I have given you links to Wikipedia, but it is well known that Wikipedia can easily misrepresent things. I am not going to do a comparison about the entire theory about either belief, but just one aspect.

It seems to me that whether you believe that God created the universe ( and all creation), or evolution, then you wind up at the same place when considering the actual creation of matter and life.

Evolution, I think, postulates that the universe was nothing before the Big Bang. After that, everything happened at random with particles joining together to form atoms, then molecules, then stars, then all the rest of what makes up our universe. Life began, probably, in some sort of primordial soup of proteins and other organic compounds, most likely with the cooperation of a fortuitous lighting strike.

What happened before the Big Bang? Well, nothing, according to our scientific friends. In other words it was magic.

Now, along come the God believers who right off the bat will tell you the the whole thing was magic in the first place. Well, let’s say magic in the sense of a Superior Being, i. e.,  God doing the honors of creating matter and life.

So, I have accorded a belief in magic to evolutionists and creationists. Where am I going wrong?

I am far from being the person to evaluate either theory. Everybody will always take somebody else’s word for something, and we all are in that position from the viewpoint of how life was created, and by what means. As far as thinking that God created our world, universe, and life, that doesn’t conflict with the physical sciences. Maybe some Bible stories do, but I am not arguing that, anyway.

Of course, this brings up another issue. Evolutionists tend to think that people who believe in God are anti-science. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the famous and fundamental scientists were also Christians. Some had strange beliefs like Isaac Newton, who was also an alchemist. Many people say that Newton was the most intelligent person in history. Don’t forget Galileo and Copernicus, both Catholics.

I think I will stick with my backwards belief in God doing all this stuff. I will let others argue over where all that magic comes from.

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