Hey, Billy Bob. I Have Something To Say

I was watching the Late Show with Craig Ferguson. His guest tonight was Billy Bob Thornton, actor and author. The reason for his appearance on the show was to promote his recent book, A Cave Full Of Ghosts. The book is about Billy Bob and his bringing up in small town Arkansas, and is probably worth a read. The man undoubtedly has some interesting stories to tell.

The key thing to me was the conversation the developed between Ferguson and Thornton.

Those who were growing up in the sixties and seventies supposedly had intelligent and original things against which to rebel, or demonstrate. Smoking pot and doing other drugs came with the territory. Intellectual activity for hippies was enhanced by drugs and sex. Some would say that’s not a bad combination.

The issue was this. All the best music was written in those days, and the stuff you hear today is, well, not original. The television programs are boring and non-original in nature. Some of this stuff I will agree to, but there is still some good stuff being written. One of his complaints was about the lack of originality and creativity evident in the pop culture of today. People who think they have something to say are not that clever.

Let that be a clue as to the mentality of the show host and the guest. Pop culture is their reference, and your contribution to pop culture determines whether you are of value within the confines of that world.

Agreeing with Thornton, I don’t think that many people can find cooking programs to be that interesting. Well, when  Gaida De Laurentiis  is doing her thing in the kitchen , things are more interesting. But, I digress.

The implication from Billy Bob was that people, today, have nothing worthwhile to say. That statement absolutely floored me.

You are reading this little essay on my blog, hosted for free on WordPress.com. There are literally millions of bloggers like me using WordPress, writing about different things with differing levels of skill and creativity. In my opinion we all have something to say. Maybe in Billy Bob Thornton’s world we are lacking in skill and creativity, but you have to remember what world he inhabits. Yep, he is in that world of pop culture, sometimes called a cultural wasteland.

Thornton has been in the creativity business for decades, having written and acted in top circles for a long time. Maybe that’s the crowd he is referencing. Even at that, I believe there are millions of intelligent and creative people in the world, most of which are not in the entertainment business.

The question is this. Do you have anything to say?

Below is the YouTube video. It was apparently a re-run, having first appeared on May 22 of this year. The conversation takes place about 24 minutes into the video.

6 thoughts on “Hey, Billy Bob. I Have Something To Say”

  1. It is funny that some people who are doing the griping are the very people creating junk. Not all of Billy Bob’s work is as good as Sling Blade.

  2. i like my actors quiet unless they’re saying lines from a script. i loved Sling Blade! definitely one of bbt’s better movies.

  3. Not a fan of Thornton so I wouldn’t have given much thought to it. I think many bloggers are very intelligent and we do have something to say that is worth reading and commenting. We are not easily duped by “Pop Culture” and are quite capable of formulating our own opinions and thoughts.

    And I happen to love some shows on tv, once being Eureka, sadly it is being cancelled.

  4. I guess Sling Blade was the first I ever heard of the guy. Great quip, “I like my actors quite…”.

  5. Never heard of Eureka. My wife likes a new (summer?) series, Bun Heads. It is kind of cute. I like the new series, Longmire. There’s lots of new, decent stuff. As far as Billy Bob goes, my wife believes he was talking about trash shows like the Kardashians, or any of those New Jersey shows.

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