United States Exports Death

The Mexican drug cartels exist because of one thing, the drug laws of the United States of America. It is true that the US laws were intended to protect the American people from themselves, but the effects are felt far and wide in the world. A lot of blood can be attributed to our War on Drugs.

According to a CNN article from January, 2012, more than forty-eight thousand Mexican citizens have died as a result of the violence of the Mexican drug cartels. Plus, the Mexican government may be close to collapse as the military war with the cartels continues to go badly.The cartels are awash in cash, and they use this limitless supply of money to pay off police, politicians, and anyone else that can benefit their drug money schemes.

It gets real simple, real quick. If the drug cartels cannot buy what they want, they will kill to eliminate their competition.

As we have learned, problems in Mexico become problems in the United States.

In yesterday’s article I came out for legalizing cannabis. Today, I am going the rest of the distance and am advocating the legalization of all recreational drugs. The unintended consequences of our War on Drugs is causing rivers of blood to flow in the drug supplying countries, and the violence is coming upstream to the United States. Border agents and American citizens have been killed by Mexican drug cartels.

There are risks in legalizing drugs, but I think these risks are outweighed by the benefits of eliminating the criminal acts and organizations that are committing mass murder in the name of money and drugs. The moral approach to the problem is to legalize the use and distribution of drugs.

The monopolistic cartels cannot take the competition, and the reason for the murders will disappear. The whole drug economy will collapse, and thousands of lives will be saved.

No one person has had a better argument for the legalization of drugs than the Nobel Prize winning economist, Milton Friedman. Here is a YouTube video of a conversation about that subject.

2 thoughts on “United States Exports Death”

  1. It really is a conundrum isn’t it. Legalize them all or not. But I have to say you make a great argument. If you legalize all illegal drugs, it will kill the cartel and all drug dealers, however, we would then be looking at more drug addicts and probably seeing a lot more violent acts, suicides and dangerous drivers.

    I don’t know if there is a solution. I certainly wouldn’t want my boys doing drugs of any kind legal or not.

  2. That’s the risk I was talking about. From on perspective, those people who want the stuff get it now, but from the underground. They will always be able to get drugs. Secondly, those who do not do drugs now are not likely to do them is it is legal. It is the kids we have to worry about, and I think the same thing will apply. I never wanted to do drugs, even though there have been lots of opportunities. I have never smoked pot, sniffed cocaine, or any other illegal drug. I have smoked tobacco, and I have drank lots of alcohol, especially when I was entertaining clients during my career. I think if we do the proper job of education with our kids, the risk will be relatively small.

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