Obama Care For Everybody

OK. I am going to tell you a couple of things you might not know. With the Affordable Care Act, there are lots of things we don’t know, and will not know until it is too late.

The Supreme Court made a big issue of the penalty tax in Obamacare for people who choose to NOT buy insurance. Out of 21,000,000 uninsured, there are bound to be people who will make that choice since paying the penalty tax is cheaper than the insurance. It’s a no brainer.

But, let’s take the case that there special classes of people who don’t want or need the health coverage. Just because they choose to not buy insurance doesn’t mean that they will have the penalty.

Keith Hennessey has written an article addressing this very thing. Please read his article for a better understanding.

Certain special people have waivers written in the law, and approved by Barack Obama.

  1. Illegal Aliens will not have to pay a penalty tax for not buying insurance.(do they get it for free?)
  2. Prisoners will not have to pay the penalty. (do they get it for free?)
  3. You are poor. (see reference for just who is considered poor)
  4. You are a member of an Indian tribe.
  5. You are not insured, and will not be for less than three months.
  6. Your religion does not buy into modern medicine or health insurance.
  7. You are in a labor Union that has a waiver from the HHS.

Now, all these waivers take in a lot of people. After the dust settles, there will be several million people still not insured.

One of my questions is, who gets their healthcare for free?

Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Obama Care For Everybody”

  1. Who gets it for free? Nobody, except people who don’t pay taxes. And they should NOT receive it. This is healthcare moderated by the government. It is a service provided to tax-paying CITIZENS, just like water, electricity, and proper road maintenance. In my opinion, this is how it SHOULD be done, because good health is not a commodity to be bought and sold, it is a right, deserved by every living being. However, because the government runs on tax dollars, only those who pay taxes should receive care. Also, there are much larger issues with the healthcare system in this country, but they aren’t really related to your post or your question. If you would like, I can write them up and you could cite them in a future post, provided you agree with what I have to say. This is YOUR blog, after all.

  2. Scott:

    I would be interested in the list of health care issues you offer. I think we agree with some things in principle, but for various reasons I will differ on some details.

    First of all, I agree that people who do not pay taxes should not be able to collect benefits from those who pay, but I think that this breaks down when we consider there are many people who cannot handle things for themselves. My example is my thirty-something year old niece., She has Downs Syndrome. When and if her mother dies, who will care for her, and how will her medical bills be handled? She gets some help, now, but we want to make sure that people like my niece are not thrown out in the cold. Just how far we carry this needs to be debated, and we have been denied that debate by Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

    Even as a conservative Republican (leaning Libertarian), I have no problem with the Obama care law on pre-existing conditions, or covering one kids when living at home up to the age of 26. I believe that everyone should be considered in the same risk pool, and everyone pay the same price for healthcare. Also, I know that all this stuff will not work well unless everybody is in the system similar to auto insurance.

    The feds cannot force this stuff, but it can be done by the states. Plus, it can be done easily within the existing healthcare framework of insurance companies and deliverers of healthcare.

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