Old Sam Goes Home, Today

Picture of Sam, our dachshund
Old Sam

This is one of those articles that is tough to write. Our miniature dachshund, Sam, is almost sixteen years old, and just can’t get it together, anymore. It is time for Sam to go home. His black long-haired dachshund buddy, Dash, died almost three years ago. Dash was fifteen years old, and had epilepsy.

Although the dogs were not blood related, we always thought of the younger Sam as Dash’s dog. Sam was our daughter’s pet, and there seems to be a natural law that when your kids get married, they do not take their pets with them. At that time, we didn’t want to separate Dash and Sam.

We remember the good times. There was a time when Sam was young, healthy, and could jump. Jumping is something most dachshunds are not very good at because or their relatively short legs. Their legs are so short, their bellies almost drag the ground, along with other appendages. Sam never liked to go outdoors when the grass was wet and cold.

When Sam was a puppy, he adopted my wife as his favorite, even though he belonged to our daughter. Sam would watch my wife when she walked into the den, and wait until she was in the act of sitting down. Uncannily, the little dog could launch himself at just the right time to land in my wife’s lap. He would jump while she was still in the motion of setting down.

Plus, Sam rarely ever growled at anyone. My daughter found a way to elicit a gruff growl by pushing his rear end with her cold feet. Sam was really sensitive about his butt. He never bit anyone, to my knowledge, except me. That happened a few months ago, and he was not doing well, at all.

Poor Sam has gotten to the point that he cannot hike his leg. He also doesn’t bother with waiting to do his bathroom duties outside, either.

He has cataracts and is virtually blind, and he bumps into things in and outside of the house. His sense of smell has disappeared, too. He can’t even smell a piece of cheese three inches from his nose. His joints are stiff, and he seems to be in pain.

A lot of what I say sounds like a way to relieve my guilt at what I am about to do. Undoubtedly, that’s correct.

Today Sam will join his buddy, Dash.

Goodbye, Sam.

10 thoughts on “Old Sam Goes Home, Today”

  1. Sorry for you guys having to say goodbye to your pet. Now you are pet free and can travel around and not feel guilty for having to put Sam in a kennel someplace. Linda is retired and you two have a great time with your gadding about. Love you two and can’t wait to see you in Oct. Come anytime, don’t have to wait for a reunion, we will make our own.

  2. Yep. It’s tough, but it is also tough cleaning up after him multiple times a day. He was a good dog for the most part. Sad to see him go.

  3. The vet was very good and helpful. He told us that it would take only a few seconds to do the job, and Sam would feel no pain. The vet had to euthanize his own two pet dachshunds as they were about the same age as Sam. He said it was doing Sam a favor. I believed him. Our last memory of the old boy was him wagging his tail.

  4. my condolences to you and your family for your loss of sam. he sounds like he was a smart dog with a wonderful personality! thankfully he will suffer no more and be at rest and peace.

  5. Thankfully, it is all over, now. The vet told us the old boy was senile. As the old joke goes, you are not an empty nester until all the kids are gone, and the last dog has died. We now have that empty nest.

  6. Uh, oh Bro. I know you had Toby to deal with a few year ago. Sam was getting to that shape. See you soon, I hope.

  7. You are right. We are feeling better, now, thinking about what you just said. However, there will not be another pet in the house.

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