By The Shining Big Sea Waters

My wife tells me that nobody reads my rants about the environmental scams, but I gotta try something.

I stole a line from the poem, “Song of Hiawatha” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, to use as the title for this blog hoping people would think that some neat prose would follow.  Confession ends, here.

There are millions of people living by shining big sea waters in the United States. Maybe most don’t actually live next to the water, but within reasonable flooding distance. These people have the fun of wading through hurricanes, tropical storms, and just plain high water when the opportunity presents. When the surf is up, that can spell trouble.

This brings me to talk about today’s big scam, rising sea levels. I am writing this blog in response to a much ballyhooed NAS report released recently on the threat of rising sea levels. It is a remarkable report, and it looks like a couple of dozen respectable scientists were involved. That in itself does not make it correct, or even ethical.

Let’s understand the historical aspect of sea levels. Sea levels around the world have been rising for the last 160 years or so. Following the Medieval Warm Period when the Vikings settled and farmed Greenland, there was a period of time called the Little Ice Age about two hundred years ago when the Delaware River froze, the Thames River in London froze and the Brits held frost fairs on the frozen river. Glaciers that had almost totally melted during the Medieval Warm Period were reconstituted. Crops failed, and millions of people starved to death around the world.

Napoleon tried to conquer Russia in the middle of the Little Ice Age, and hundreds of thousands of his troops starved to death in that God forsaken time. The Russians were starving by the thousands, too. George Washington’s troops marched through three foot snows on occasion in New York and New Jersey. The Germans and English gave up on most of their vineyards, and started drinking beer, instead.

For some reason, most likely solar activity,  the Little Ice Age ended in the mid to late 1800’s. The new warming had nothing to do with carbon dioxide or man’s interference with Mother Nature. The sea levels have been on a slow, and steady rise ever since. That happens when ice melts.

So the average global temperature is up right now, and that is one reason why ice is melting and sea levels rising. However, sea ice extent in Antarctica  (South Pole stuff) is increasing! So, don’t look for much sea level rise as the Greenland and Antarctic ice are not melting as advertised by the money hungry scientists.

Sea level rise is minimal right now, and is only at about 1.7 mm per year. So, how can they make all their catastrophic predictions? Simple. They take the worst data of the last thirty years and extrapolate it forward to the present.

Don’t worry. Hiawatha will not get his moccasins wet, nor will old Nokomis’ teepee float away in the shining big sea waters because of rising levels. Most of all, New York City is not in danger of being flooded out, and you will not make a ton of money by opening Totes galoshes stores in Miami, Florida.

Old Nokomis is safe, and so are  you.

7 thoughts on “By The Shining Big Sea Waters”

  1. Boy, that is a relief because my butt at this very moment is about 14 feet above sea level and the front door of this building is about 4 feet above sea level. Somewhere in one of the foggy cornors of my mind, I seem recall that plate tectonics were causing the west coast of the US to rise and the east coast to sink. Go west, young man, go west!

  2. This is what’s happening, now, in the radical environmental movement. Their campaign of catastrophic global warming never caught on with the public, and catastrophic climate change (hot, cold, an inbetween change causes crises) has no support in public. Cap & Trade has bombed out, and an emissions tax to support liberal, socialist programs doesn’t have a chance.

    One of the radical left’s few chances left to scare the American public into the rash action of coughing up Billions and Trillions is to keep the scare going, hoping for a payoff. ‘

    A new UN IPCC report is due in the next few months, and we are seeing a multitude of sea level rise papers appearing in the peer reviewed literature, and in the popular press. They (radical left) want to have these papers included in the IPCC report, and the media supporters of these phony papers are publicizing the heck out of them.

    One of the more egregious reporters is Seth Borenstein of the AP. Of course, Yahoo is doing their best, and throw in the New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and a pocketful of UK and European media outlets. The rush is on to convince people that rising sea levels are a problem coming up in ten or so years, when perfectly competent scientists know that that hypothesis is false.

    Stay tuned, but know what is going on, It may be their biggest media push of all time.

  3. It’s the shores of Gitchigoomie I’m worried about 🙂
    But, seriously, folks…..Lord Monckton AND Lovelock, both big GLOBAL WARMING nuts have turned around BIG TIME…did anybody hear about the lastest global conference on climate change? Nope! But it happened!!
    I think they’re ALL WET (and NOT from rising waters)……people are waking up. I hope it’s not too late.
    Great post!

  4. Glad you brought up the Rio+20 conference. Apparently, it was such a failure that the big newspapers didn’t give it much coverage. From what I read, the Brazilians, Chinese, and Indians refuse to give up their shot at wealth just because a few idiots want them to freeze in winters, and starve their populations. That’s not newsworthy.

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