CYA Medicine

I was treated to a set of allergy tests, yesterday. Before the attendant could administer the tests, I was given several forms to sign. More than one was  long, and I was wondering if the attendant would be patient enough for me to read every word. When asked, she said, “No problem”. Yeah, sure. She wanted me out of there so she could clock in another paying customer.

The form in which I was particularly interested was the one that gives the doctor and his staff permission to do the tests, and exhonerates them of any culpability in case there are any problems. I had read these, before.

There was one side effect I was looking for, and I found it at the very end of the list.


Yes, every medical form in the United States serves as CYA to doctors and other health professionals if something goes wrong. There is not one doctor who can guarantee you will walk out of their office alive and well.

The medical world is this way because of lawyers. There have been so many bogus lawsuits that medicine is now being practiced on a Cover-Your-Ass basis. It is the fault of lawyers.

Sure, there are creepy and incompetent medical doctors out there, but there are more creepy and corrupt lawyers. There are lawsuits that are justifiable, but many are not. Witness the lawyer ads on television pimping one ambulance chaser or another. These guys are now specializing in whether they go after whiplash, internal injury, or asbestos cancer cases. They advertise the drugs for which there are class action suits.

The medical sector is a big target for our lawyer friends. They are fishing for victims.

Tomorrow, I go to a medical doctor to have a growth removed from my back. I will look, once again, to see if I am excusing them for killing me if things go wrong.

I am paying someone to stab me in the back. If he kills me, he cannot be held responsible, nor will he give me my money back for botching the job.

It’s a tough world out there.

14 thoughts on “CYA Medicine”

  1. that really is creepy, isn’t it. You’ve heard ads for pharmaceuticals on TV that add “….or death” at the end of the long list of side effects, too. I always wonder why they even list them since nobody can buy drugs without a doc’s prescription and the doc will tell them what’s up. Weird..but I suppose someone said they didn’t know they could stop breathing or feel lousy or …DIE…from taking the drug.
    I hope that growth on your back’s nothing to worry about…..let me know!

  2. If he does the job tomorrow, it will be in his office. Hopefully, that will be then case. Maybe the drugs will not keep me from blogging this weekend. Have a good one, Z.

  3. Bob, i know what you mean about those medical forms. it’s nuts! the world makes so little sense nowadays. i hope all goes well with your visit to the doc tomorrow (today). great food for thought post! 🙂

  4. Maybe what we need is to replace tort law and malpractice insurance with some kind of no fault insurence. The victim or their heirs recieve an insurance payout and we all get on with our lives. 🙂

  5. The procedure was postponed until next week. It will still be don in the Doctor’s office. thanks

  6. COF, I had not thought about a replacement system. The no fault thing may be a good idea, but in the case of a really incompetent mechanic, he/she needs to be punished. Still, a good idea. Thanks.

  7. My husband has cataract surgery coming up. Ye, gods! The forms! Forms to sign to give to the surgeon, forms to sign at the primary care’s office for the pre-op physical, an hour-long interview with the nurse at the surgical center. Then, assuming that the hospital decides that Mr. AOW is not a high risk for outpatient surgery, more damn forms will have to be signed once we get to the surgical center.

    I’ve had a few surgeries in my life — some years ago. We didn’t have all those forms to fill out!

    We have always chosen excellent surgeons who do the best that they can. Sometimes, complications are not the fault of anybody in the medical profession. As the saying goes, “Sh*t happens.”

    We are not BORN with warranties and guarantees, are we?

  8. I have seen some pretty horrific side-effects to some of the meds I was going to take but nixed them. Some are worse than the symptoms you are suffering from. And another thing, doctor’s need to realize we are not experiments we are people. And should treat us as individuals.

    I work for a chiropractor and I never rush our new patients when filling out forms, granted, we don’t prescribe drugs, and most things my doctor does are natural, healthy and won’t harm you but make you feel better.

    I hope you are doing well after the procedure.

  9. From what I understand you can still sue the doctor if they are negligent. So I suppose they are not immune from punishment just because you signed a form.

    But you are right, there is a lot of paper work and legal expense thanks to lawyers and the culture of legal action and a lot of it is just wasteful and expensive.

  10. When we are born, nobody said life was going to be easy. Nobody said life would be fair. If you can live life on your own terms, you are fortunate. Most of us just bounce around, reacting to whatever comes along. Thanks for the Comment. Hope Mr AOW gets better.

  11. Do you remember the potato chips that were cooked in some sort of non-fattening oil. There was a warning on the bag that anal seepage could happen. Good grief! What’s the point, here?

  12. I use a chiropractor to help me with my occasional bouts of computer neck. I have a problem when sitting in front of a computer for hours at the time working on projects. I need to get in the habit of frequent walking breaks from the tube.

  13. I believe the court lawyers are the biggest of the donor groups to the Democrats. They have a symbiotic relationship. Baracuda lawyers, and politicians. They are all predators looking for somebody else’s money.

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