A Saturday In June

picture of a beachSomewhere, children frolic in swimming pools and oceans under watchful parental eyes. Somewhere, people are taking the opportunity to drive around the country to see what they can see. Somewhere, people have paid cash money to enter an air-conditioned movie theater to view the latest movie of whoever about whatever.

I don’t have a swimming pool, and learned a long time ago that kids pee in swimming pools. I also do not own a beach cottage, and my kids are all grown so I don’t have to watch them lose themselves in the sun and surf. Movies? I gave up going to the movies a long time ago, unless a really great science fiction flick comes along. Nothing worthy has appeared since the first Star Wars.

So, what’s an old guy to do on a Saturday afternoon? Since I am not a golfer or a gardener, my preference is to stay home and play computer whiz and wannabe intellectual guru on the internet. I have twisted interests, but, so what? It keeps me off the streets.

Of particular interest is the Obama Re-Election Campaign. It’s not working too well when, in the middle of a severe recession with the number of jobs dropping like a rock, he says, “The private sector is in good shape.” He could be a star on a reality show if he applies himself.

On the climate front, a young wannabe climate scienctist and PhD, Joelle Gergis, published a new paper that made questionable conclusions. When asked for her data and methods, she got snarky. Apparently, Dr Gergis’ people skills are even worse than her science skills. The very same people whom she refused found egregious problems with her statistics and methodology, even without all the data. Her paper was put on hold until by the other authors of the paper! Imagine, a half-dozen PhD’s spending over $300,000 on a paper that was written so carelessly.

Unfortunately, much of climate science falls into the category of junk, just like Gergis et al, and sometimes for the same reasons. This was a PEER REVIEWED PAPER!!!  None of those PhD dummies at the American Meteorological Society who reviewed the paper caught the problem. Apparently, those so-called scientists at the American Meteorological Society can’t do weather or climate science. Why are they there?  It took an informal bunch of bloggers to call attention to the crime. A. W. Montford at Bishop Hill gives a good layman’s explanation. Steve McIntyre and colleagues at Climate Audit did the work.

Turning to things personal, this is the second week of my wife’s retirement from the public school system. Today was her first foray into the world of nutrition and grocery shopping. I helped her with a list of things needed, and kissed her for good luck before  she disappeared around the corner headed for stores unknown. Things were good. I had her doing some things to relieve me of my difficult duties.

She just returned from the store. There were no chips. There was no beer. Oh, what have I done? Where is that lawn mower? I need to work out some frustration.

8 thoughts on “A Saturday In June”

  1. I am not so sure scientists are scientists, anymore. With the number of PhD’s producing bad papers, it makes you wonder about the whole state of academia.

  2. I heard about that global warming scare costing $300,000. Just another colossal waste of taxpayers money. If only there were a way to make even a few of these thieving bastards pay the money back.

    Hows your Galaxy Note going by the way, I take that’s keeping you occupied on saturday afternoons? I got me the Galaxy S2 the other week, there was a mad sale at one of the local stores and I grabbed it. Perhaps I should have waited for the S3, but I can’t afford it yet.

  3. No chips and beer? 🙂 I hope your Sunday was good, anyhow ! That “private sector’s in good shape” was hilarious but I think Romney needs to stop playing out EVERY single gaffe the Left makes till the very last minute he can….it’s making HIM look worse than Obama! I think the Left’s waking up to something, by the way. CNN’s liberal Candy Crowley interviewed that loathsome Axelrod (who is the Wizard behind this throne, I’ve decied) and asked him about private jobs and he started in on how we need cops and firemen and she stopped him and said “That’s PUBLIC jobs, what are you going to do for Private jobs?” HA! On the other hand, PRIVATE JOBS are NONE OF OBAMA”S CONCERN. His is the public stuff…stay out of the private workers’ affairs, right!??

  4. I love the Galaxy Note. The only negative is that it is big, too big for a belt clip or holster, and if you carry it in your shirt pocket (if you have one, pocket that is) the thing will tend to fall out all the time. As far as the operation goes, the features are about the same as your phone. Mine has the voice recognition software so I can tell it to “Call home”, or “Open calculator application”, or to get undressed, or something. I haven’t learned to use the stylus to any extent, although I keep promising myself that I will. I like the big size when I hold it in my hand, and I like the larger virtual keyboard. Nice. Upon reflection, I would have been just as happy with the standard Galaxy. I am not a power user.

  5. Obama’s disconnect with reality is so obvious even a caveman would recognize it. Stimulating the government creates no new economic activity, and those jobs have to be paid with tax money. It is stupid to stimulate government. Government stimulates itself.

  6. I love movies and science fiction, the best. I am far from retiring, if I ever do, but glad that you seem to be enjoying yours. I am sure your wife will remember next time to bring your brew and chips, hey, mistakes happen. 🙂

    There have been a lot of great movies since Star Wars, and being a Trekkie, I can attest to that. I love action packed movies as well. If you like funny action movies, I recommend “RED” it’s a lot of action and is really funny.

    Science fiction movies, gosh….I honestly say give some of the Star Trek movies a shot, or even the comedic ones.

    Hope you enjoyed you day, even if your darling wife forgot the goodies you were looking forward to.

  7. My wife is on vendetta against fatty foods. After all those years of eating her great cooking, she is now all concerned about my heath. I just want to keep doing what I have been doing. But, noooo, not her. My lovely wife cares about me, and is getting to be a real Nazi about my health.

    I will check out Red. Star Trek films are OK, I like them. I am always on the lookout for new sci-fi authors and flicks.


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